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[Music] in this video I will reveal to you the weaknesses that women have and that they don’t want you to know because they become vulnerable to you and run the risk of you winning them over without any effort before we begin I would appreciate it if you like the video you can help me continue making new videos if you are not subscribed I recommend you subscribe and activate the Bell to avoid missing any videos if you like the topic of this video please comment with a number one if you don’t please comment with a number two to let me know so I can make better videos in the future weakness one a confident man when a man believes in himself women melt like candles for him one of the most important reasons they are drawn to this attitude is that they are extremely insecure and a man with this quality gives them the confidence to accomplish anything so pay attention to what I’m about to say to make yourself more attractive and confident in front of a woman one speak confidently about what you’re saying avoid fillers and speak with conviction two listen more than you speak so she can speak fluently about herself and feel heard which they enjoy and because you’ll create mystery she’ll want to learn more about you resulting in another encounter three if you do these things you will show yourself more confident in front of her and she will feel a lot of Attraction for you stay until the end of the video because the last weakness I will reveal to you you can take advantage of very well to the point that you won’t have to make any effort to win her over something else will do it for you weakness to a consistent man women are madly in love with a man who is consistent with his words that’s why their weakness often tends to be those men who speak less because as a man you speak little or promise little it’s easier for you to fulfill what you say women love actions more than promises and that’s why your word should always be backed by actions that are evident to her for example if you meet a woman and want to let her know that you are an attractive socially high value man desired by more women introduce her to your female friends show her photos of them take photos with your female friends and post them on your social media so that when she sees your social media there’s consistency between your attitude as a man surrounded by women and your reality weakness three a man with ambition ambition is another trait that attracts women to men but when I talk about a man with ambition I don’t mean someone who plays the lottery until they drop but rather someone who refuses to settle for a simple job someone who starts their own business or someone who doesn’t settle for the bare minimum in this sense they don’t see the money you can make from that new project they see a leader a man full of testosterone who takes calculated risks to achieve his goals describing the energy transmitted by an entrepreneurial and successful man is a bit complicated but to appear in front of her as a man with good Ambitions do this one think of a business idea you can have apart from your job two spend at least half an hour every day developing that idea three watch programs or podcasts about business when you do this simply starting to think big will make you look like a successful and Visionary man in front of her the next weakness is very interesting because it describes a strange behavior in women weakness four a bad boy who plays with them women love bad boys so much that they become obsessed with them to the point of being traumatized but why do they love these men so much because it has been proven that women derive a lot of pleasure from feeling intense emotions and this is what these men achieve most of the time unconsciously so I will tell you what you have to do next to become that bad boy who obsesses and drives them crazy one a bad guy is selfish he flirts with women just to use them and then mocks them to the point that he continues to use them whenever he wants two he is the one who controls the relationship if what he says is not done he shows that he has more women and warns her that he doesn’t care if she wants to break up three he says he wants to have a family with several children but with his actions he shows the opposite keeping the woman hopeful four no one rules over him and the current woman as she knows him does everything possible to get married and live peacefully but she never succeeds however I do not necessarily recommend that you adopt this Behavior completely however pay attention to the principles behind it be a little selfish and give her the impression that you want something serious while also leaving her in doubt so she does not perceive you as either foolish or overly wise be the relationship’s leader take the initiative and make her work for you by requesting Small Favors tell her you want to start a family but don’t rush it instead make the most of the situation by making your own decisions listening to her and ultimately making the final decision yourself weakness five being ignored women are very competitive they enjoy being challenged when you ignore woman you become the center of her attention By ignoring her you attack her pride and make her feel more insecure than usual she starts to wonder why doesn’t this man pay attention to me like everyone else does does he find me unattractive if you learn to ignore a woman you’ll notice how easily you become her Obsession because of this she’ll do whatever it takes to get your attention and flirt with you so how should you ignore a woman to exploit this weakness one treat her like anyone else and she’ll do anything to gain your validation two two act like she isn’t there when you encounter her somewhere greet everyone including her then continue interacting with others as if she isn’t present three this will make her chase after you to feel important weakness six a masculine man women are attracted to men who exude masculinity there are some characteristics that identify them for example physically they are men who have more musculature than the average man this is because they often have jobs with a lot of physical activity or exercise regularly which increases their testosterone levels making them more intense and passionate these men enjoy riskier sports have a deeper voice than most other men and are leaders in their group of friends they are emotionally independent so even though they like women they don’t rely on them to feel good when they fall in love with a woman they treat her as a flawed human and do not change their way of being for them for these and other qualities women melt for these men weakness seven a womanizer women are weak for womanizers because they feel special when chosen among others despite knowing that these men often look at other women they focus on doing whatever it takes to make the womanizer theirs alone there’s a psychological phenomenon called pre-selection which states that women find a man three times more attractive if he’s liked by other women or already has a partner that’s why if you want to exploit the psychological effect to become her weakness you should make new female friends and surround yourself with them even if you’re not interested in any of them romantically you’ll easily attract the one you like because you’ve created the pre-selection effect in her mind weakness 8 a well-centered man in a recent study a university in Brazil demonstrated that women have 50% more neurons in the ol Factory bulb which makes them perceive smells more intensely and therefore feel a certain excitement when they are near a man who smells good that’s why they prefer a man who takes care of himself but they also distance themselves when it’s the opposite to exploit this sweetness make an effort to smell good make sure to establish a daily personal grooming routine take care of your breath always carry fruit scented chewing gum with you and get a mouthwash to use after every meal use a shampoo with a pleasant scent get a soap with a more or less intense odor and wear a perfume that although subtle maintains its scent throughout the day ask me in the comments if you’re unsure which perfumes are most attractive to them remember that at the end of the video I’ll reveal a weakness of theirs that you can exploit without having to make any effort another emotion that stimulates them like no other is weakness n a passionate man contrary to the masculine man the passionate man stands out for putting all his emotions into what matters most to him he’s very positive and easily convinces anyone but mainly a woman and that’s where his attractiveness comes from this man uses emotional contagion as his main method of Seduction a psychological phenomenon studied by experts when this man talks about a project or anything he loves he speaks with so much emotion that he can infect any woman even making her feel intense emotions which are often mistaken for love for him so practically speaking to penetrate a woman’s mind we can use her emotions as a means here’s what you can do consider a topic that truly interests you and devote as much time as possible to studying it begin an exciting project and express genuine emotion about about it to the woman you like of course pay attention to her gestures as you speak because if you bore her if you speak passionately about your passion with the woman you like she will admire you with the next weakness she will fall in love with you without any effort on your part this is weakness 10 an emotionally intelligent man women are very emotional and that’s why a man who knows how to manage his emotions becomes their weakness few men have this ability because nowadays most men suffer from an xiety and stress making them more emotional and less masculine when you understand how to empathize with a woman you have the advantage that she emotionally connects with you almost instantly this provides her with the stimulation and attention she seeks in someone else it’s somewhat mysterious but when women feel heard they experience such a great sense of well-being that they become excited and for this reason emotionally intelligent men have an advantage over others so how to be emotionally intelligent when you talk to the girl you like look into her eyes and Nod be observant if you notice she’s feeling down based on her body language ask her what’s wrong and instead of telling her what to do listen to her and ask questions that will help her figure it out for herself change her environment and take her to a completely different location to enjoy a new view preferably a sunset or if you know her to a place she already enjoys her brain will thank you when you do this show no immediate interest in return which will only increase her desire to have someone like you by her side and the best part is that you can subscribe to this channel in a matter of minutes because I want you to be a part of this community of men who use female psychology to their advantage if you’ve come this far it means you’re one of us like this video and share your thoughts in the comments I’ll leave a video on your screen with signs that a woman is interested in you do not miss out seductive master of female Minds imagine harnessing a secret power one that’s been revered by stoic philosophers for centuries today we uncover that power silence in this video we’ll explore six critical life situations where staying silent isn’t just a choice but a necessity stoicism an ancient philosophy teaches The Art of Living Through wisdom and virtue Central to this wisdom is the practice of Silence let’s discover why silence is more than just a lack of words but a strategy for resilience and strength situation one when anger strikes this is a familiar scenario for many the rise of anger the impulse to immediately respond the stoics however offer a different approach one that emphasizes control over emotions rather than being controlled by them when anger emerges the Instinct might be to unleash a flood of words often ones we might regret later the stoics suggest a different course a pause a moment of silence this silence is not a sign of of passivity but rather a deliberate act to regain control over the situation in this silence lies a unique power it’s the ability to process our emotions to delve into the true root of our anger is the anger really about the present situation or is there an underlying issue this period of reflection can be Illuminating it helps in avoiding conflict escalation and in preserving relationships that could be harmed by rash words silence in the face of anger is is also an act of self-respect it is about maintaining inner peace and not letting external events disrupt your mental state the stoics were Advocates of focusing on what we can control our reactions and our mindset choosing silence in these moments is not an indication of weakness but a display of strength a strength that transcends the fleeting satisfaction of expressing anger moreover practicing silence in moments of anger is a journey towards wisdom each instance where we opt to stay silent rather than react in Anger teaches us more about ourselves our triggers and how to manage them better in the future this skill once honed not only brings peace to our lives but also positively influences those around us therefore the next time anger grips you think of the stoic way take that deep breath embrace the silence and let it guide you towards a response that is in harmony with your true character and values this approach to handling anger not only aligns with stoic philosophy but but also offers a practical method for navigating one of life’s challenging emotions situation two confronted with gossip gossip is a common element in social interactions but it presents a unique Challenge from a stoic perspective the stoics known for their emphasis on virtue and character viewed gossip as a destructive force not just for those who are the subject of the gossip but also for those who engage in it when confronted with gossip the stoic approach is to maintain silence this is not about avoidance but rather a conscious decision to not participate in a conversation that can harm others engaging in Gossip is often seen as a harmless way to bond or share information but it can have unintended consequences it can damage reputations strain relationships and create an environment of mistrust but the impact of Gossip goes beyond its effect on others it also affects the character of the person who gossips the stoics believed in living a life of Integrity where one’s actions are in alignment with their values gossiping can be a deviation from this path as it involves speaking about others in a way that is not truthful kind or necessary by engaging in Gossip a person compromises their own principles and integrity moreover the stoics saw the act of gossiping as a missed opportunity for personal growth instead of spending time discussing others they advocated using that time for self-improvement learning or engaging in meaningful conversations that enrich the Mind and Spirit therefore the stoic response to gossip is rooted in the philosophy of self-control and virtue by choosing silence in the face of Gossip one not only prevents harm to others but also upholds their own character this Choice reflects a commitment to personal integrity and a life led by stoic principles in essence avoiding gossip is not just about keeping away from Idol talk it’s about maintaining a standard of behavior that is consistent with the stoic pursuit of wisdom and virtue it’s a practice that reinforces the importance of focusing on our actions and words ensuring they contribute positively to our lives and the lives of those around us situation three when you lack knowledge in the stoic view wisdom is among the highest virtues and part of wisdom is knowing the limits of one’s knowledge the stoics teach the value of Silence especially when it comes to speaking on matters where one lacks understanding or information this approach is not just about avoiding false statements but it’s also a demonstration of humility and the willingness to learn in situations where you find yourself uninformed the stoic practice is to remain silent this is more than just refraining from contributing to a conversation it’s an acknowledgement of One’s Own limitations and an expression of the desire to learn by not speaking on matters we don’t fully understand we avoid the potential spread of misinformation and the risk of misleading others furthermore stoicism teaches that pretending to know something we don’t is a form of self-deception that can hinder personal growth acknowledging ignorance is the first step towards acquiring knowledge in this respect choosing silence when uninformed is not a sign of weakness or ignorance but rather a sign of strength and wisdom it shows a commitment to truth and a respect for the value of accurate knowledge this humility in acknowledging what we don’t know also opens the door to learning it creates an opportunity for others who are knowledgeable to share their insights for us to learn from them in this way silence becomes a tool for personal growth and intellectual development additionally this practice of remaining silent when uninformed is empowering it frees us from the pressure to always have an answer or an opinion it allows us to be comfortable with not knowing which is a key aspect of intellectual humility this comfort with uncertainty can lead to a more thoughtful reflective and considerate approach to learning and speaking in essence the stoic approach to situations where one lacks knowledge is not just about maintaining silence but about valuing the pursuit of wisdom it’s a practice that respects the complexity of knowledge and celebrates the process of learning by embracing this approach we align ourselves with the stoic virtues of wisdom humility and intellectual Integrity situation four in the midst of conflict conflict is an inevitable part of Human Relationships but the way we handle it can make a significant difference stoicism with its focus on inner tranquility and rational thinking offers a unique approach to conflict resolution the use of Silence this isn’t about simply not speaking it’s about using silence strategically to deescalate tension and promote understanding in conflicts emotions often Run High and words spoken in the Heat of the Moment can exacerbate the situation the stoics teach that in such moments silence can be a powerful tool by choosing not to respond immediately we give ourselves time to process our emotions to step back from the heat of the conflict and to approach the situation with a clearer more rational mindset this pause can prevent the conflict from escalating and can create a space for calmer more constructive communication moreover silence and conflict is a form of active listening it signals to the other person that you are taking their perspective seriously and considering thoughtfully this can foster a mutual respect and understanding even in the midst of disagreement it shows that you value resolving the conflict more than winning the argument stoicism also teaches that conflicts often arise from misunderstandings or differing perceptions by remaining silent and listening we can gain a better understanding of the other person’s Viewpoint and the underlying issues that may be fueling the conflict this understanding is key to finding a resolution that is satisfactory to all parties involved furthermore employing silence in Conflict situations reflects self-control a core stoic virtue it demonstrates the ability to control one’s impulses and to act in accordance with reason rather than emotion this self-control not only helps in resolving the immediate conflict but also contributes to personal growth and the development of stronger more resilient relationships in essence the stoic use of Silence in conflict is about creating an environment where resolution is possible it’s a practice that values rationality understanding and respect and aligns with the stoic principles of wisdom and virtue by embracing this approach we can navigate conflicts in a way that is constructive and harmonious staying true to our values and fostering positive outcomes situation five the art of listening stoicism a philosophy deeply rooted in self-awareness and personal growth places great emphasis on the importance of listening over speaking this perspective Champions the idea of Silent active listening as a transformative tool in personal and interpersonal development the stoics understood that true communication involves much more than just expressing one’s own thoughts and opinions it requires the ability to listen actively and attentively to others silent listening isn’t merely the absence of speech it’s an active engagement with the speaker this form of listening allows us to fully absorb what is being said understand the nuances of the conversation and respond thoughtfully active listening in silence involves several key elements first it requires giving full attention to the speaker free from distractions or the urge to formulate a response while the other person is still talking this level of attention demonstrates respect and value for the speaker’s perspective fostering a deeper level of dialogue and understanding secondly silent listening involves observing non-verbal cues such as body language and tone of voice which are often as important as the words being spoken this helps in understanding the full context of the message and the emotions behind it additionally stoicism teaches that listening is an opportunity for Learning and personal growth by listening silently we open ourselves to new ideas perspectives and knowledge that we might miss if we were too eager to speak this approach reflects a humble acknowledgement that we do not have all the answers and that there is always more to learn furthermore the practice of Silent active listening can transform relationships it builds trust empathy and a deeper connection with others when people feel heard and understood it creates a foundation for open honest and supportive interactions in essence the art of listening as taught by stoicism is not just a communication skill it’s a life skill it involves embracing silence as a space for understanding empathy and connection by cultivating the practice of Silent active listening we align with the stoic values of wisdom self-improvement and harmonious living enhancing both our personal lives and our interactions with others situation six facing critical decisions in the realm of stoicism the act of making decisions is not just a practical necessity but a reflection of one’s philosophical principles the stoics regarded silence not merely as a lack of speech but as a space for reflection crucial for making thoughtful and considered decision decisions when faced with critical decisions the stoic practice of embracing silence offers a moment to step back from the immediacy and pressures of the situation this pause is not about procrastination or avoidance but is a deliberate choice to create mental space for reflection in the quiet of Silence we can weigh the options consider the potential consequences of our decisions and reflect on how each choice aligns with our values and principles silence in decision-making allows for a detach ment from external influences and fleeting emotions enabling a focus on rational objective thinking the stoics believe that emotions while a natural part of The Human Experience should not dominate our decision-making process by cultivating a period of Silence we can assess our choices without the clouding effect of intense emotions or external pressures moreover the practice of Silent reflection is an exercise in self-awareness it involves examining our motivations desires and fears understanding these internal drivers is essential for making decisions that are true to ourselves and our path the stoics taught that self- knowledge is a critical component of wisdom and wise decision-making is a natural extension of this knowledge in addition to aiding in personal Clarity silence as a tool for decision-making can also lead to more responsible and ethical choices when we take the time to reflect we are more likely to consider the broader impact of our decisions including how they affect others this aligns with the stoic principle of living a virtuous life one that contributes positively to society and the common good in essence the stoic use of Silence in facing critical decisions is about harnessing the power of reflection it’s an approach that values deliberation rationality and alignment with personal and ethical values by incorporating silence into our decision-making processes we align ourselves with the stoic ideals of wisdom and virt virtue making choices that are thoughtful considered and reflective of our true selves silence is not just absence of noise it’s a stoic tool for self-mastery and wisdom today we’ve learned six critical situations where silence is your greatest Ally Embrace these lessons and watch how they transform your life thank you for joining us in this journey of stoic wisdom remember silence is a lesson learned from the many sufferings of life until next time embrace the power of Silence the more you Reveal Your Pain the more people may want to hurt you although it does not always occur it is common for some people to take pleasure in your suffering or even contribute to it occurring or worsening unfortunately sadism and envy are common behaviors that can stifle personal growth in a variety of settings including work a circle of friends and even family as a result learning not to show your weak point can become your strong point consider yourself a tree in the middle of a storm the leaves May flutter and the branches May sway but the trunk remains firm and firmly planted in the ground this is the image of Silent resilience that we will teach here we will discuss how you can become even stronger by demonstrating that you are not easily influenced by external internal issues and how each challenge teaches you to be like the tree you are not denying the storm by acting as if nothing bothers you rather you’re choosing not to let the rain soak you and the wind knock you down you will learn to be the master of your own fate firm strong and calm in the midst of Chaos in this video we’ll go over 17 stoic rules from epicus a great and well-known philosopher you’ve probably heard of furthermore I invite you to self- knowledge where strength comes from the Silence of the light that illuminates the path rather than the noise of Thunder as a result in the coming minutes concentrate on the content rather than on daily distractions the first rule is be prepared to fail because it is the only way to progress we do the impossible to avoid being labeled as idiots epicus on the other hand has a different point of view according to his philosophy being considered such is one of the best things that can happen to you because it allows you to grow professionally and personally the stoic philosopher reminds us that overcoming is the result of a long path of trial and error rather than a spontaneous reaction for it is only through trial and error that we can refine what separates us from Excellence the second rule is always remember that death is waiting at the end of the road this is not advice that calls us to pessimism but to be aware that death is the final destination of all our actions and especially our efforts once we have this in mind perhaps we will start to evaluate to what extent it is worth spending 20 years of our limited life saving to pay for a house that as much as it weighs on us we will not be able to take with us wherever we go once death visits us just as we carry in our bag those objects that we consider indispensable for our daily life such as the phone credit cards and our toothbrush it would greatly benefit us to carry a small notebook with these stoic principles because thanks to them we will no longer see setbacks as misfortunes nor life as internal time we have at our disposal but we will acquire a more realistic view of our existence and certainly make better use of our time of life the third rule is listen twice as much as you speak have you ever considered why nature provided us with two ears but only one mouth there is no error or coincidence in this according to epicus but rather a clear purpose behind this reality we are not called to fall in love with our own voice but rather with the voices of others we advance in life by learning from others not by repeating our own speech over and over so starting today start paying more attention to what people around you say and less attention to what you’ve been upholding up to this point the fourth rule is always prepare for the worst believing that unfavorable circumstances await us in the future is one of the leading causes of anxiety and its devastating consequences we are afraid that our children will drop out of school that we will be fired that our spouse will confess to us that they have been having an affair with someone else and will ask for a divorce div or that something else bad will happen to us such as going bankrupt the problem is that we fear one of these issues one day and another the next and so on life’s path in addition to reserving good and happy parts for us also reserves a handful of unavoidable problems therefore we live in permanent stress caused by different stimulation each day and this is where epicus comes into the picture since his proposal is as drastic as it is effective he says think that all these things you fear so much have already happened so what could be worse in this way your spirit will develop coping strategies to move forward with your head held high the fifth rule is be aware of the threats of Fortune This wealth that we seek carries a stigma from which few people can escape and it’s not just about the people who will appear out of nowhere to take advantage of our Good Fortune such as by pretending to have feelings for us money has the power to change people and not always for the better once we have this highly sought-after resource we have something we did not know we had and it is from that point that our spirit May begin to poison itself in the face of the loss of moral values the sixth rule is guilt is synonymous with plague narrow-minded people blame others Ordinary People blame themselves but the wise see all guilt as foolishness thanks to this phrase from epicus therapists nowadays have begun to approach guilt as a feeling to be eradicated from our lives the only way to win the competition against guilt is to refuse to play with it the problem is that it results in an easy path since by blaming others or ourselves we completely absolve ourselves of the responsibility to correct the mistake therefore resorting to it is a Temptation that is hard to escape only those people driven by a firm determination to overcome are capable of avoiding guilt and still manage to take responsibility for their actions the seventh rule is true wealth is found in a contented Spirit Epictetus had his own definition of happiness because of stoicism and we can see it in one of his famous quotes a wise man is one who does not fret over what he lacks but rejoices in what he has this reflection is more than a thought it is advice to learn to stop feeling afflicted by those riches that are not yet a part of our Lives because when we allow ourselves to complain and mourn for what we lack we lose valuable minutes of happiness in which we could be thankful for everything we have accomplished thus far Which is far more than our eyes are trained to appreciate the eighth rule is incorporate humility into your life if you really want to learn something it is essential that a person learns what they believe they already know through this phrase epicus calls us to make use of our humility especially in the realm of learning going through life boasting of the pride of knowledge distances us more and more from the authentic knowledge that arises from the conviction that we are completely ignorant about what we intend to learn in this way we will look at everything Through The Eyes of a child which harbor as much capacity for Wonder as they do a desire to learn rule number nine is never forget that your reactions shape your destiny we should not take our reactions lightly as they will undoubtedly determine our success or failure and epicus was unequivocal about it he taught us that we cannot control what happens to us but we can control how we respond to it Misfortune can strike any of us but it is what we do when it does that will determine Our Fate from that point forward divorce can mean entering a world of depression and victimization for some people epicus on the other hand sees it as a golden opportunity to begin The Path of self- Knowledge remember that what happens to you is not as important as what you do with it rule number 10 is make alliances with winning people it’s curious how when someone sneezes next to us we immediately move away invaded by the fear that they will infect us however we are not so cautious to avoid one of the most lethal contagion we are exposed to daily epicus left us a wise piece of advice about this surround ourselves with people who make us want to give our best because people’s behavior greatly influences our state of mind there are people who drain our energy and ruin our day While others leave us full of joy and vigor therefore one of the smartest decisions we can make is to Ally ourselves with those who bring Good Vibes into our lives while we say goodbye to those who have the ability to make us regret being born rule number 11 is invest in Simplicity why live frugally when we can surround ourselves with all manner of luxuries nowadays the answer is much simpler and more logical than you think wealth does not sustain itself it requires commit ment and a great deal of daily energy to sustain this system of luxuries and wealth in contrast when we choose a simple lifestyle we remove the stress of having to meet the due dates of bills loans and credit cards rule number 12 is always do your duty each of us plays an important role in society and the world and the sun does not require praise or enchantments to rise each morning but it happens every day and that’s the end of it as a result just as every part of nature does its job we must fulfill our responsibilities we fail both the environment to which we belong and ourselves if we wait for praise or praise to do our work if we know what our task is and are aware that others rely on it it is our moral obligation to complete it without waiting for someone to remind us rule number 13 is stop worrying about things over which you have no control your opinion is yours but not your reputation you have the desire and Zeal for the hunt but you have no control over the amount of goods you have or your success worrying and becoming irritated about things we cannot control is simply a decision to waste time according to epicus we are called to cultivate those values over which we have control but it is also our responsibility to let go of what is beyond our control and allow fate to take care of it rule number 14 is do not hate those who hate you instead ignore them you are much bigger and far more powerful than the person who criticizes despises and discriminates against you so don’t waste your time hating that person because they don’t even deserve to be in your thoughts we are encouraged not to be afraid of people who would harm us because the noise represents a regrettable attempt to to harm us so ignore it and develop immunity to it rule number 15 is always extract the benefit from things whatever happens it is up to you to take advantage of it or not these were the words of epicus as you can see it is not about having the option to take the good out of adversity but that doing so is our duty as long as there is intelligence in you there will be the ability to realize the advantage mes you can take from the situation that has struck you imagine that one day you arrive at work to find out you will be fired instead of despairing and accusing the universe of being against you you have the option of venturing into that Enterprise you dreamt of while fulfilling your work schedule alongside people you disliked therefore always try to look for the positive in a situation as this movement added up throughout your life will certainly take you further than just lamenting rule number 16 is when you allow the comments and attitudes of others to bother you you are handing over control of your life any person capable of making you angry becomes your master however that person can only make you angry when you allow yourself to be disturbed by them epic tetus makes us understand that there are many keys within us and some lead us to happiness While others lead us directly to emotional ruin and it is precise L this last key that we hand over to those who make us angry the solution to this problem is to put up a barrier that prevents us from being affected by the attitudes of others because definitely each one is the owner of what they say and also of what they decide to listen to rule number 17 is friendship is more important than wealth genuine friends are true wealth because they will be there to support us if our material Fortune Fades as a result if you devote yourself to cultivating genuine friendships you will be making a very profitable long-term investment in addition to being incredibly useful for everyday life stoic principles are teachings that can help us navigate bad times with interest and resilience as there is no place in their Philosophy for fantasizing but only for applying what is learned and moving forward I hope you like the video and since you’ve made it to the end leave a like and a comment if you’re new to the Channel Please Subscribe see you soon



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  1. This video is interesting, but I wonder if it presents a bit of a one-sided view. Strong, independent women can be attracted to strong, confident partners – regardless of gender. What are your thoughts on how attraction works for both men and women?