5 Harmful Psychological Tricks Your Mind Plays On You

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  2. Divinity 2 Is an absolute masterpiece. I paid 60€ for it and with the knowledge of how awesome the game is, Id easily spend more than 100€ on it now. Worth every penny.

  3. I guess checking your most common judgment about people only works to identify a projection if the judgment is laden with emotion. For example, my most common judgment about people is that they are too normal, in the sense of being too similar to other people who i know, so providing me no new information about human psychology. I feel the same way about people who seem similar to me. I am annoyed at their boringness, but idc that i'm exactly like them.

  4. I’m totally late to this channel, but one big example I couldn’t get out of my head is how my dad used to cut the lawn every Saturday for 2-3 hours, then would have me start doing it. I grew to hate it so much. There’s building work ethic, then there’s asking if all that time lost is worth it. He finally started paying for a lawn service who does it in 30 min every 2 weeks and he loves it. Now as I’m about to move out into my first home I’m saying the same – absolutely would rather have more time with loved ones, travel, exercise, learn a new hobby over cutting the lawn lol

  5. This is an excellent video. But, I do not appreciate the projection example. Gays are already stigmatized and targeted, I would have liked a different example. Maybe an example of projection in racism or politics? However, good work.

  6. This is so great, especially #4 and #5. Especially in the stock market for #5. You people try and 'break even' with a stock you lost money on when it would be better to cut losses and put the rest of the money in something that you think is a better value. Love it!