5 Nice Things Guys Say That Girls Hate

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there are no classes on flirting in school and unfortunately what that means is that when you go out into the world to do it sometimes some weird things can escape your mouth which is why in this video I wanna give you five things that you should never say when flirting you may have in the past because they’re very common no more after this video so the first one can occur in a lot of situations you’re looking at someone’s Instagram you see they have an attractive friend you think they might like them or you’re talking alone with them and then all of a sudden boom competition shows up or you hear that they have this celebrity crush in any of these scenarios it’s easy to feel threatened and what we sometimes do when were threatened is we lash out guys will say oh that guy is too handsome he looks gay sometimes when we use the S word whatever it is we think that what we’re doing is disqualifying that person you can’t date them because of this what we’re really doing is disqualifying ourselves because we’re showing how insecure we really are much better in the scenario where you start to feel insecure you’re not sure they like someone else is a you could say nothing or B you can give a genuine compliment to that other person this shows one that you’re secure in your sexuality two that you think that there’s more to you than just your looks right you can deal with a bit of competition on that front and the three everyone isn’t an enemy in the world to you that’s how secure you are you don’t need to be best better perfect in any way you can dish out compliments and still have value on your own it makes you much more attractive and confident the second thing here is a very different angle this is the scenario where you’re looking at someone and you really like them and you have those rose-colored glasses on everything they say is perfect so they’re telling you a story you know I went to Jamaica with my family oh that’s amazing and then we went to this restaurant that’s amazing and I had this delicious steak oh my gosh that’s amazing when you hear yourself saying that’s amazing that’s so cool that so awesome repeatedly stop yourself because you are alienating this individual I certainly encourage enthusiasm I do it all the time on this channel but not everything in life is truly amazing and when people hear that you think everything that they do is even when it’s not that’s going to make them go okay this person likes me a little bit too much it’s needy and I don’t want to continue with them so much better here is to honestly say things are amazing when they truly strike you as amazing and to not do it when they’re not in those situations where there something this person really is truly amazing and you don’t know what to do other than keep repeating it some playful sarcasm is very powerful so they’re telling you this honest-to-god awesome store you can go hold on wait a second let me guess you also volunteer with orphanages on the weekend and probably practice rocket science for fun in your free time right that is a playful way of saying you are really really cool that isn’t just repeating you’re amazing it makes them laugh and it decreases the tension so the third thing here comes when you’re finally ready to spend some time with that person and maybe a more romantic setting so you want to ask them out and you work all this courage up and you say ah do you want to go out sometime and to your surprise they say yes and they go great and you’re out of there right this is terrible you may have had a scenario in your life where you’ve met an old friend on the street you both go oh my god so good to see you we should hang out sometime totally you split and what happens can we go out sometime means let’s hang out never right so don’t leave any sort of plans that you want to make on can we or should we go out sometime much better is to make concrete plans so you can say instead hey Wednesday night there’s this concert I know you mentioned that you liked it would you like to go with me I think it starts around 8 p.m. now you’re getting a yes or a No for a real thing for rather than the fake yes or even the completely vague no that you would get from let’s go out sometime so forth very similar to this one is I think this is popularized by movies is can I get your number this has a lot of problems and the same thing occurs with can I get your snapchat can I get your Instagram handle it treats the trading of contact information as the goal of an interaction when if you’re trying to see this person again the goal is to actually see them again so that’s one weird thing but the second thing is imagine that someone’s just out of the blue and there’s no concrete plans asking for your phone number your head is going to go to what does this person want are they gonna text me all the time they’re gonna call me when I’m at dinner like what why would I give them my phone number it can actually make someone who is interested in you way more leery about spending time with you so instead of asking for Instagram snapchat that stuff’s a little bit easier because we trade it or phone number instead make concrete plans and once those are made you’re going out yeah she says yes or he says yes you’re going out at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday say awesome what’s your number you’re not asking for the number it’s just facilitating that contact between you and the fifth one has a lot of different flavors but it starts with you would look better prettier more handsome if you cut your hair worked out change your shirt and one that I feel like is very popular unfortunately for men to say to women is if you smiled so I think this comes from it not knowing what to say they see someone who doesn’t look like they’re having fun at a party and they want to give a compliment they say you’d look prettier if you smiled that person will never smile you you just made them so self-conscious about the fact that they are not smiling you put yourself on opposing teams they’re not going to warm to you so cut that one out of your vocabulary all the other ones you look better if and you can imagine this I don’t know why we do it other than just nerves but we’re telling someone they would look better if we’re saying today it was not so good right that’s gonna make them associate bad feelings to you so unless it’s a very particular scenario where they’re asking what should I do with my hair and you could say oh I’d like it better in this scenario don’t do this just leave it out so those are five things that I hear all too often that you should cut out of your flirting and vocabulary now I actually have two announcements for the end of this video very exciting ones the first is that we will be having two videos this week the next one is coming out on Thursday it’s a bit of a departure from our normal style of video it is a cringe compilation reaction slash analysis and so it’s a new style of video I’m testing it out please check it out let me know what you think because we’re gonna be trying to expand into a number of different things and I want to know what you guys like the second announcement is that I have to thank for that video our sponsor simple habit they in part make it possible for us to experiment like this simple habit if you haven’t yet checked it out is an app that has guided meditations now I’ve used this in the past for meditations on joy for feeling more gratitude but what I would recommend it for if you’re interested in this topic is confidence because I’ve actually gone on and recorded my own meditation for boosting confidence and you can listen to it before you go out and a dating a social some sort of career scenario to really put yourself in a confident state so if you want to check that out completely for free you can go to the link below simple habit calm slash confidence to get your one week free and trial and if you like it beyond that you can just pay $11.99 a month to continue it I know that I certainly have and I at the very least recommend checking this one-week try out for those of you who are interested I have two meditations that I’ve recorded that first one is on confidence and I also have another one on self love and self acceptance so I hope that you guys enjoyed this video I look very much forward to seeing you in the next one on Thursday let me know what you think of it then take care [Music] [Music]



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  1. The big difference is that this imbecile is not sitting in the white house.
    As he is not commander in chief, he won‘t be able to suppress a serious response to a violent uprising.

  2. And men hate when girls don't want to start conversations.
    Most of your video (all I saw) are about men don't knowing how to talk with women, but you lost one very important point. Girls need to know how to talk with men too.

  3. I have a good friend who would always walk up to women and then insult them, making clear to them that he is not interested. I'm always amazed by how well this works for him.

    He would say stuff like: Allright so you either have to invest in your makeup or my drinks, cause this is not working out.

    For some reason he is successful like 6 out of 10 times which strikes me as a pretty high ratio especially given the fact he doesn't come off very likeable

  4. How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie:
    1. Don’t criticize, condemn, or complain.
    2. Give honest and sincere appreciation.
    3. Arouse in the other person an eager want.

  5. If you like someone, don't treat them like they'll leave, treat them how you would treat them if you were both friends and you had your own needs because you'd gotten used to them.

    If you need to do something, tell them that you're not available or that they could join you if it's a concert/movie/party w/e. If you've got school or work, turn them down and give them a few options for other dates.