50 Cent’s Life Advice Will Change Your Future — One of the Best Motivational Videos Ever

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I don’t like 20 situations and could have got killed long before the music started if you could go back in time and give young Curtis one piece of advice what would it be I would have started writing music way early I wouldn’t even I’d have skipped all of the stuff that I could have possibly because all of this could have changed well I think that is just your character though so it did turn into my behaviors and the music the things you go to make who you are there’s more Ruthless People in the business world than in the street you know like they just have subtleties to their tactics how they do things is it’s more you know but they’re doing it right and funny you know how to structure and the actual deal and things that they’re doing it’s like just taking the money for you look robbery at least it will give give you the courtesy of showing you to God so you can have those anxieties and feel those feelings that you would feel when you’re being robbed they’ll do it on a piece of paper where you feel nothing and just rob you right there you see what I’m saying so it’s the same tactics but a different approach and a lot of them the people that do this comfortably because I can’t use the contract the thing that they’re not condition for is direct conflict and that the circumstances I grew under are absolutely have to be prepared for this positive influences there’s negative influences there’s a lot of things around that you can actually do like look at YouTube it’s pretty much every skill set you’re looking for you can find on YouTube do find some information about what you’re trying to do and not even have it be something for you to sit and read you what just watching them explain it you know so I don’t know why you’re not it’s not clearer that there’s less limitations like they’re not limited the same way you were in the past you know what I mean okay now how did you become interested in Vitamin Water I was in a supermarket and I saw a gallon of water for 289 and I went further down the island I sent another gallon spring water for 59 and I just know that if you put that in these two different cups that we have in front of us that I wouldn’t know the difference between what spring it came from when I got back I told Chris at the time me and Chris Lighty was working closely together he was managing me and I said uh I want to sell water I think it’s like like what I said I want to say what he’s like the who everybody need water like you know it might have been an easier concept for him if I said I wanted to sell liquor so you bought the company now so I ended up having about almost 10 percent of it and it was sold to Coca-Cola for 100 you made 100 million well 4.1 billion they actually sold a company for I’ve somehow ended up on the circumstances where I’ve been up against the toughest things in the environment that I come out of before any success takes place I always say if there was someone someone to run and go get I would have ran and got them but I have to run get me so I had to come back myself every time so it just makes me not look at what would be the great the bigger situations in front of me the harder circumstances don’t seem so rough to me no more you know like because I’ve already been up against the toughest things the biggest obstacles take this for granted right almost 90 of the time I’m communicating with people who achieved a higher level of Education all right the college graduates things like that and um what I hold on to is there was an amazing the circumstances that I came up on and you know if the information that you needed in the business classes were in the book If everything you needed was in the book then the teacher would be too successful to teach the class it’s how you adjust today so I think when because you have Peaks and valleys or have things change in your career at the point and you feel like is it at Ohio is it how long you don’t can’t even because money is still coming in you don’t feel like there’s a change in financial stuff like but you’ll see things that you go wait I don’t understand why they’re doing this even now in film intelligence I look around and go wait what is this like I don’t know what they’re doing like why’d they pick this up if if I don’t understand what’s going on then I’m not sure I’m as good as I think I am right if you if you’re confused that how the operation is is working then you don’t know if everything I picked is working what’s so great about that but you go what what is all the other stuff that they’re picking right what is that like how much does that equate to as far as the audience that they have at the network or why why are they doing it you know and just trying to understand that because I guess eventually I’ll be the network without knowing who you are individually look and just judge you and say I don’t like that he had that diamond goat on his neck why’d he put that dick you got to be a certain kind of person because he liked diamonds all right and then they could just assume that you anything they would like to register Negative they can just register it negative some people they have the uh the trader at the state of persons across the street that look at you they don’t like you across the street some people feel like the need to go across the street to say why I’m a good person I don’t give a yeah I genuinely don’t give about all those people forget about me across the street because they don’t care about me having the ability to focus on something on the work on it will allow you to work hard enough to be good enough at it that’s one thing when you can actually commit to yourself and what you want for your life and you work that hard at it this is watching someone else raise their hand to answer a question that they know the answer to and that means that person deserves to be ahead of you in life because your fear of being wrong at that point is not allowing you to create your value in the workspace well when you’re in life-threatening situations it makes you a little more conscious of that you know and the more that you are aware of your state the higher the probability you have a chance to live [Music] so you’re a little more free so walking into a room even at the worst possible uh scenario it won’t damage me to the point or hurt as much as that hurt it started going in in a secure space able to speak and ask the questions and I’d rather be feel like I’m unaware for the moment within that those quarters then they feel like I’m unaware and are losing situation so I don’t regret those things I don’t regret them because I don’t think I’d be who I am today if I wasn’t exposed to those situations if you asked me would I those are unfortunate situations that I’ve had to experience and if I had a choice I would have definitely went in a different direction but under those circumstances when when you’re an environment where you meet aggression with aggression or you’re deemed weak and the weak becomes to pray you had a kind of back people off you at different points and when you’re willing to go as far as further than the other guy you always Prevail you always end up on top even at this point the person that you could have met fell in love with how many positive moments right your highlight bill that these are really important the most expensive thing we spend is time because we can’t get it back and and when you look at the Highlight Bill whether the person’s Rich poor in the middle wherever they’re at right but me personally I look at it and say they still have so many moments look before I had money when I’m rich in the middle when I’m poor when I’m in the middle when I’m rich with regardless I’ve been on each one of those portions of the journey right have fun but we didn’t have no money we had fun was that the most fun it was fun now it’s a different kind of thing yeah so we’ve been kind of fun and the when you grow up without finances the uh you start to view Financial Freedom becomes really important you know you start to be conscious of what you because the restraints the biggest restraint is something that costs right how much it costs I mean and later you work yourself into a place where you’re not worrying about the cost like what you’re saying it’s Elementary right the building blocks that you put down essentially if they keep moving you can’t build right so I set certain rules there was the basis for how we would be productive I said I don’t care who you fight do not fight someone that I came with um if you need to have some sort of dispute or something going on y’all tell each other with you right now get away from me right you go back in the bus you stay at the front of the bus whatever you know you’re upset you know your type but you just stay away from y’all stay away from each other right because if you have the fight you’re both getting the out of here you’re going home right and the reason why I was saying this is I can’t bring new people on when the foundation that I had is fighting each other foreign



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  1. I take your advice and will listen to you I believe in you thanks you.very much cuz I know you are 50 street pusher man to worldwide super star all around the world everyone knows 50 nobody care about anybody everyone looking for money

  2. When 50 was asked what he would do different he said he would of started rapping a lot earlier so he could’ve stop the tragedy’s he indured, but without those experiences, he would not be 50 cent.

  3. He’s not wrong. Look at the cost of the average vehicle or home, it’s nothing short of modern day slavery. Keeps you forced to make payments to a lender for years/decades and you’ll always be their steady flow of income while the average person will have nothing. It’s really no different getting robbed on paper or robbed with a weapon on the street.