7 Lesson To NOT give people A second CHANCE | ( Might Hurt Your Feelings)

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have you ever been betrayed by someone have you ever faced someone who broke your trust but you give them a chance and forgive them but they never change and do the same thing over and over again to hurt you then you are nothing but a giving too much chance is like falling into a loop That Never Ends it will eventually destroy your life it has a great impact on your mental health and well-being you should be aware of it right now now if you are in this kind of situation in this video I will give you seven lessons on how to handle this kind of situation rule number one don’t be afraid to walk away it’s one of the hardest things to do in love and friendship but sometimes walking away is the strongest choice you can make if someone’s actions repeatedly hurt you disrespect you or show that they don’t value your presence in their life staying with that fake love won’t change anything just walk away it might feel like giving up but it’s actually an act of self-respect holding on to hope that things will get better or that they will change can keep you stuck in a cycle of disappointment and pain remember you’ve already seen what their actions can do so you don’t need to stay and suffer more just to prove a point or out of fear of being alone walking away does doesn’t mean you’re weak it means you’re strong enough to say no to being treated poorly it means you value yourself enough to only accept healthy respectful relationships it’s not about them it’s about you and your well-being so when it’s clear that a situation or a person is detrimental to your mental or emotional health you have to have the courage to walk away your future self will thank you for it rule number two forgive them but don’t forget forgiveness is a powerful strength it frees you from the heavy chains of bitterness and resentment but forgiving someone doesn’t mean you have to forget what happened it’s not about giving them a free P to hurt you again it’s about letting go of the anger that’s holding you back while you are still remembering the lessons you’ve learned when someone shows you through their actions that they’re capable of causing you pain take that as valuable knowledge about who they are and how they operate forgiving them means you’re choosing not to carry the weight of their actions anymore however not forgetting means you’re wise enough to protect your mental health and well-being from future harm use the memory of their actions as a guide don’t take it as a source of ongoing pain it can help you set healthy boundaries and make more informed choices about who you trust and avoid similar situations in the future remember you forgive them because of your mental health it’s a step towards healing rule number three never trust words rather believe in actions actions speak louder than words so pay attention to action everyone can talk about anything make promises and say all the right things because saying anything is easy but what matters is what they do actions take effort action shows commitment and action reveals the truth if someone’s hurt you before broken your trust or made your life difficult then their apologies or promises to change don’t hold too much weight it’s what they do actually matters in the long run if you’ve been hurt or disappointed by someone don’t just listen to their words of regret or promises for future change observe what they actually do do repeating the same harmful actions shows they haven’t really changed no matter what they say don’t fall for sweet talk or false promises and hopes that don’t last real change is shown through consistent actions over time you might think giving them another chance is the right thing to do but if they’ve shown through their actions that they’re not changing you’re only setting yourself up for more disappointment you are just permitting them to destroy your life they’ve already shown you what you can expect from them believe that it’s not about being harsh it’s about being smart and protecting your well-being if their actions don’t align with their words it’s time to think about whether they deserve another chance you’ve already seen the impact of their actions on your life no more prioritize actions over words and you’ll make wiser decisions about who you give your trust ru number four don’t expect people to change it’s a tough truth that most people don’t change their core behaviors especially if they’ve already shown you who they really are you might hope that they’ll turn things around and they will become a better person or treat you differently but only hoping doesn’t make it so people change only if they truly want to and it’s a deep personal Journey but the problem is that you cannot force anyone to change them you can only change yourself if someone’s actions have already caused you pain or trouble and then if you expect them to change it is the same as waiting for a storm to turn into a sunny day just because you want it to it’s not realistic change requires hard work selfawareness and a genuine desire to do things differently you can’t make someone have those things so don’t put your life on hold and and never wait for someone to become who you need them to be don’t waste your time on the idea that they’ll suddenly transform and everything will be okay everything will never be okay if you don’t change so focus on what you can control take control over your actions your own choices and your path to happiness letting go of unrealistic expectations frees you from disappointment and opens up new possibilities for your growth and fulfillment remember you deserve to be around people who are good for you just the way they are now not for how you hope they’ll be someday rule number five never destroy your life only to satisfy them sometimes in life we fall into the Trap of trying to keep someone else happy or meet their expectations you might find yourself making sacrifices that hurt you you might change your dreams ignore your own needs or even let go of the things that make make you happy only in the hope of making them stay or keeping the peace in the relationship but this is a dangerous path your life your dreams and your happiness are just as important as anyone else’s sacrificing your well-being for someone else especially if they’ve already shown they don’t value or respect you is like throwing away your own precious life for nothing it’s not worth it you can’t pour from an empty cup if you’re not taking care of yourself you can’t truly be there for anyone else either don’t let anyone make you believe that you have to destroy yourself to prove your love or loyalty true relationships are healthy and worth keeping they are built on mutual respect and support it is not built on one person giving up everything for the other remember your life is yours to live not someone El else’s to dictate stand firm in your worth and don’t compromise your well being for someone who doesn’t appreciate it rule number six don’t be a slave to your emotions many people use emotion and feelings to manipulate others it’s easy to get caught up in strong feelings especially when you’ve been ignored refused and hurt anger sadness and betrayal are strong emotions these emotions can consume you dictating your actions and leading you down paths that you might regret later while it’s important to acknowledge and feel your emotions but becoming their slave is a dangerous game your emotions are signals it should not be your master they can inform you about what’s happening within you and around you but they shouldn’t control your actions reacting impulsively based on how you feel in the moment can cause more harm than good a strong man never acts On Emotion he always acts based on rationality just learn to pause take a breath give yourself time to cool down and think things through ask yourself is acting on this emotion going to help the situation or will it just satisfy my immediate need for a response more often than not you’ll find that waiting until you’re calmer leads to better decisions practicing this kind of emotional discipline is tough but it’s essential for maintaining your dignity and ensuring that you don’t make situations worse remember your emotions are part of you but they don’t have to define or control you rule number seven don’t forget the lessons of the past the painful experiences you’ve had are not just random events they are lessons that can teach you a lot about yourself others and life if someone’s actions have hurt you or destroyed your life there’s something to learn from that maybe it’s about who to trust how much to give or where to draw your boundaries ignoring these lessons is like walking into the same trap over and over again it’s important to reflect on these experiences understand what went wrong and why it impacted you the way it did this doesn’t mean living in the past or holding on to bitterness it means means using your past as a tool for better decision making in the future keep these lessons in mind as you move forward let them guide you in choosing who you spend your time with who you open up to and who you give your energy to remember history doesn’t have to repeat itself if you’re willing to learn from it use the past as a stepping stone not a stumbling block and you’ll navigate life with more wisdom and resilience now listen carefully it’s easy to watch motivational videos feel motivated and then forget all about it when life throws the next curveball but not this time I want you to dive deep into it now give me a promise write it down in the comments section I will change myself I will not depend on others happiness and wellbeing I am taking full responsibility of my life and I will become the best version of myself now if you want to level up hit the Subscribe button and I will give you more and more unfiltered words of wisdom



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  1. I promise i will change myself. I will not depend on others happiness and well-being. I am taking full responsibility of my life, and i will become the best version of myself.

  2. To my ex fiance forever:
    Maybe I was wrong to ever let you down
    But I did what I did before love came to town

    Used to make love under a red sunset
    I was making promises I would soon to forget
    She was pale as the lace of her wedding gown
    But I left her standing before love came to town


  4. I loved my ex's. (One just left 3 months ago and brought up the old feelings for the previous as well.) I accept we had our time.
    I accept that they didn't deem me worthy of their love. I accept they saw me as a fool.

    The life I'm building now is for me and the kids . Not them. I sleep good at night knowing I did the best a could. Knowing I'm doing the best I can.
    It took two failures to reveal my self worth. It took two times to fall to realize I stand taller than them. Taller and stronger.

  5. I will change myself. I will not depend on others happiness and well-being. I will take full responsibility of my life and I will become the best version og myself NOW.

  6. I learned this twice in my life.
    I’m definitely more careful with who I open up to and stuff to.
    I’m taking better care of myself this time around.
    Yes I’m fixing to meet an awesome army girl but at the same time I’ll definitely give her a opportunity to show me I’m the man she needs in her life.
    1. She has payed me back I’m supposed to get something from her this weekend.
    If I get what she said that will be good signs that she is serious about me.