7 Reasons People Dislike and Dishonour You | Find out why people disrespect and dislike you

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have you ever seen a few guys who are respected by everyone but on the other hand you are always insulted and disrespected by someone close even if you have sacrificed lots of things for them and you care about them so much from the core of your heart they never recognize your worth and always belittle you through indifference and neglect but have you ever thought about why this is happening to you and why you are not giving a to someone who always insults and disrespect respects you yes in this video I will tell you seven reasons why you are always insulted and disrespected and you should immediately remove them from your life reason seven you always beg for their love and attention love is a beautiful emotion in our life it’s a powerful force that can bring incredible joy and fulfillment in life true love is always Mutual respectful and empowering Burr problem arise when you’re always chasing after someone’s love and attention chasing someone too much means you’re setting yourself up for heartbreak because real love and respect can’t be begged for they need to be earned and reciprocated when you beg you give away your power you become a doormat not a partner so don’t be a fool start by valuing yourself your your worth isn’t defined by someone else’s attention or love focus on what makes you strong what makes you unique build a life that you’re proud of one where you don’t need someone else to complete you when you do that you’ll find that the right people will attract to you not because you begged but because you became someone worth being with remember a strong man stands on his own two feet he doesn’t beg for attention reason six you let them play with your emotions and they took full advantage emotions play a vital role in our lives they are the essence of our love and relationship however the importance of emotions also makes them a target for manipulation it’s a tough reality to face but if you let someone play with your emotions they surely will with your heart because some people take pleasure in control and manipulation it’s a harsh reality but it’s one you need to face when you allow someone to play with your emotions you’re essentially handing them remote control over your life you become reactive not proactive so it’s time to Take Back Control start by setting boundaries understand that your emotions are not a playground for others learn to recognize when someone is trying to manipulate you and stand firm against it believe in yourself don’t react instantly take time to act strongly remember a strong man controls his emotions he doesn’t let others control them for him it’s about respecting yourself enough to say no when someone is messing with your heart Stand Tall be firm and take charge of your emotional well-being reason five you let them use your kindness as a weapon against you kindness is a virtue which is one of the greatest traits a person can possess it reflects a big heart and a generous Spirit but here’s where things get tricky there’s a fine line between being kind and letting people exploit that kindness too often when you show Too Much kindness people start to think you are weak and that makes you vulnerable and that that’s when people start taking advantage of you in every possible way you need to understand that being kind doesn’t mean you have to be a pushover it’s essential to know when to draw the line of kindness if someone is consistently taking advantage of your good nature it’s time to reassess that relationship stand up for yourself be kind but also be wise make sure your kindness is received and appreciated not misused or abused a strong man knows how to balance being kind with being assertive he doesn’t let his kindness become his downfall be that man be kind but also be smart and strong about it reason for you always sacrificed your own happiness just to please them caring for others is not a bad thing to do it empowers our relationship and makes us connected through mutual benefits but when you care for others too much neglecting yourself it is nothing but destroying yourself we often fall into the Trap of thinking our happiness is less important than others and if we care for them too much they will love us more but this selflessness is harming yourself you end up sidelining your own dreams desires and joy this isn’t about being good or caring it’s about neglecting your own worth and happiness it’s crucial to realize that your joy matters start placing your happiness on the same pedestal as you do others this isn’t selfishness it’s essential selfcare it’s about finding a balance between caring for others and caring for yourself you have to understand that you are just as important a strong man knows that his own happiness is a priority not an option he is compassionate and caring but not at the cost of his own contentment by honoring your own happiness you don’t diminish Your Capacity to care for others remember an empty cup cannot pour others reason three you don’t have any goals and direction for your life it’s easy to get lost in the chaos of life especially if you’re focused on pleasing others or fixing their problems but what about your goals your aspirations when you live without a Clear Vision for your future you’re like a without a Rudder that drifts aimlessly this lack of Direction not only impacts your sense of purpose but also how others perceive and treat you if you don’t have a strong goal you will seek others to spend time with that means you are nothing but a fool it’s time to change that start by setting clear goals for yourself what do you want to achieve where do you see yourself in 5 years 10 years set these goals and then work out a plan to achieve them this isn’t about being rigid it’s about having a direction when you have a plan and goals you show the world that you’re serious about your life you demonstrate that you’re not just a side character in your own story but the lead character a strong man knows where he’s headed he has a vision for his life and takes proactive steps to achieve it your goals are your road map to success and fulfillment remember it’s your life and you’re the one in charge of shaping it when you have a clear path you not only improve your own life but also become more attractive and respectable to others then people naturally drawn to you reason two you repeatedly allow them to belittle and disrespect you it’s crucial to understand that respect is essential in all aspects of life if you find yourself in situations where others belittle or disrespect you it’s a sign that something needs to change you shouldn’t accept poor treatment from anyone remember how you let people treat you is a reflection of how you see yourself so firstly respect yourself show confidence in your words and actions if someone disrespects you address it be firm and clear if you don’t shut their mouth when they first disrespect you then later they will do the same thing again and again so crush it at very beginning it’s about setting a standard for how you expect to be treated a strong man knows that his self-respect is non-negotiable he doesn’t tolerate disrespect not because he wants to prove a point but because he values himself by Defending Your self-respect you not only stand up yourself but also set an example for how you should be treated reason one you always seek their validation in your life in this modern world people always seek validation from others they post everything of their life to get some likes and comments if people appreciate it they feel good and if people don’t like it they feel sad and unhappy it is just giving control of your happiness to others seeking validation from others is like building your house on shifting sand it’s unstable and unsustainable when you rely on others to validate your worth you give them the power to control your life you should never let someone else’s opinion dictate yourself worth your value comes from within not from what others think of you don’t give a about what people think about you start by building your own confidence focus on your strengths achievements and qualities celebrate your successes no matter how small when you you feel the urge to seek approval or validation from someone else pause and ask yourself why do I need their approval what does it say about my belief in myself remember a strong man finds validation from within he knows his worth and doesn’t need others to confirm it he is confident in his abilities and Decisions by not seeking external validation you free yourself from the opinions of others and become the master of your own self now it is time to take action don’t always be silent be strong and bold give me your promise in comment section I will change my life right now no more delay I am taking responsibility of my life I will eliminate all these seven things and I will be the best to get more self-improvement videos hit the Subscribe button



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  1. When a person is loving ,generous, sacrifices their own happiness and many times, their well-being and like you mentioned about seeing people respected but the one who displays a sincere heart , that doesn't have ill intentions and motives towards the ones he allows in his life because he has already been trained, by His God Jesus to never have a heart like thatbtowards anyonethat

  2. I have taken a beating starting in my late 40s. I have always tried to be good and fair with people even when I was on top of the world. However, once I fell due to exhaustion, obligation, work stress, family stress etc., they all started to kick me when I was down. People who call you their family are the ones you must be careful of the most. They often secretly hate you and your success. A real family member and a real friend celebrates and rejoices in your success. I no longer desire to associate with people unless I have to. I am happy when I am alone and focusing on my goals. Stay strong my friends and know that you will triumph! Safeguard your heart and fight this world like your life depends on it. Blessings to you all.

  3. Christ look at these toxic comments! Sorry most seem more sick diseased and toxic then the supposed they’re blocking 🙄😂🤷🏼‍♀️ I mean what TF. Over and over im seeing people claim “I just block anyone right away when they’re negative” or “I don’t care what ANYONE EVER says about me or their opinion”
    Ummmm yea…..both those word views are godawful toxic and negative and very selfish. Just totally blind. And then they claim they’re o so spiritual and o so positive. Can we all 🤮 now?

  4. this is why people f*ck about you” mmmmk that’s the thumbnail?
    This is a junk uneducated opinion. Next time pay attention and maybe get try to get SOME intelligence 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣🤡. maybe use a better translator next time OR perhaps edit your 💩 before ya post it? Made me laugh out loud when I 1st saw it 🤡

  5. People don't disrespect me. They try to disrespect me and to get close to me. Understand. I see it. Smh…..Pay attention. They rarely do anything directly and when they do they look crazy…everytime. Do you know him or her? No. Just remember when Mike Tyson was undefeated everyone wanted to knock him out because of who he was.

  6. A lotta bs here. Who‘s they? Who are the others? It’s sometimes essential for your cause what „others“ think of you. So it depends on the Situation. Don’t be fooled guys and stay safe. Always Look at the Big picture and what makes Sense in the long run

  7. " You're like a " shit " without a rudder that drifts aimlessly " ???

    Ummm , think you meant " ship " without a rudder. I didn't know " shits " have rudders when traveling the seas of pipes down below?

    Could these Turd World Bombay YouTube grifters who simply aim for optimal clicks with the least effort put in just take one moment to proofread what they just copied elsewhere and then later used here as a video for the monetization of a few rupees ? It comes across as lazy and therefore the integrity of it all gets watered down when trying to deliver important messages to men out there.

    Seriously. We all know thsse videos exist to make a profit , as meager as that is , for likely someone from Nee Delhi. But when it becomes even more obvious it's now pathetic. Pass.

  8. If you don't honor, love, and respect yourself first, don't expect others to give it to you. That goes for anything else in life. You may share what you have, but first make sure you possess it.

  9. as I get older I have come to the conclusion that it's easier to live life with self-respect if you accept that about 30% of all men and women you meet out there will be nasty people. I am an optimist; I'll stick with the 70%…. ( on another note you need to proof-read your video text before releasing the video; this one has several glaring gaffes and messy grammar. "Bur"? "shit'?? I doubt the use of the word "shit" is necessary in a video like this, there are better words.. elevate your grammar and spelling and more people will take your channel seriously.