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man is a social animal who cannot live without a partner according to biology everyone chooses their mate in their life but many of us cannot choose the right person for us and we are not aware of our decision to choose our soulmate but it is very important because a bad partner can totally destroy you from head to toe on the other hand if you choose the right person she can take your life to a new level that can completely change your life and bring happiness and success into your life in this video I will tell you seven ways to spot a good partner in your life if you find these seven qualities in anyone they are perfect for you so check how many of them you can find in them sign one they always want you around when someone really likes you they’ll want to spend lots of time with you it’s like when you have a favorite game or hobby that you can’t get enough enough of if they don’t seem excited to see you or spend time together it can feel like you’re just another one of their things you are not very special this can make you feel lonely and not very important but when your partner is always happy to be with you it’s a great feeling it’s like being chosen first for a team in a game and it makes you feel special and wanted they might text you just to say hi make plans to hang out or just enjoy doing simple things together like watching a movie or going for a walk this shows they really like your company and think you’re great to be around if you notice they don’t seem to care much about spending time together it’s time to reconsider Everyone likes to feel wanted and important and if your partner makes you feel like you’re their favorite person to spend time with it’s a really good sign it means you’re both happy in the relationship and enjoy each other’s company a lot sign two they always treat you nicely a truly good partner is like sunshine in your life they always make you feel warm and bright inside if they’re the right kind of person you’ll never feel hurt or unhappy by the things they say or do being with someone who doesn’t understand you can make you feel like you’re carrying a heavy load all the time it makes you feel low and ultimately destroys your life on the flip side when your partner is always kind and caring life feels lighter and happier they speak gently and never use words that might hurt you even when you don’t agree on something this kindness makes you feel secure and cherished it allows you to be yourself and share your true thoughts and feelings without fear if you find yourself feeling down or hurt because of their actions it’s time to take a break and reflect kindness should be a basic part of any relationship and if you’re lucky enough to have someone who’s constantly kind to you know that you found something precious it’s a sign of a healthy loving relationship where both of you can Thrive and grow together sign three they make their feelings and intentions clear when someone makes their feelings and intentions clear it’s like having a map in an unknown City it builds trust in relationships if they don’t clearly State their intention and feelings towards you it can be confusing and stressful it is like trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces you will feel unsure and anxious not knowing where you stand with them and it will destroy your life because it has no future or Direction but when your partner openly shares their feelings and intentions it brings a sense of security and trust it’s like when someone turns on a light in a dark room that makes everything clear and bright they might tell you directly that they care about you they might talk about plans for the future together or they might show their affection in ways that leave no doubt about their feelings this openness helps build a strong and honest relationship if you’re always trying to guess their feelings it’s important to have an open conversation knowing clearly how someone feels about you is important in a relationship and if your partner is open and clear about their feelings for you it’s a sign of a healthy strong connection it shows they’re committed and serious about being with you sign four they’re always there for you when someone is always there for you it’s like having a reliable friend who’s always ready to help if they’re often too busy or always make excuses for not being there when you need them it can feel like you’re not a big part of their life you are just another option in their life this might make you feel left out and not very special but if your partner makes time for you no matter how busy they are it shows they really care it’s like when someone say gives you a seat so you can sit together they might call to check on you help you with things you’re struggling with or just be there to listen when you’ve had a tough day this kind of support makes you feel valued and important in their life if it seems like they’re always too busy it’s important to talk about it being there for each other is a big part of being in a relationship and if your partner makes sure they are always available for you when you need them it’s a great sign it means you both take care of each other and make your relationship a priority sign five they’re honest with you building relationships without dishonesty is the same as building a house in sand when someone is always honest with you it’s like having a clear view on a sunny day if they tend to hide things or aren’t truthful it can feel like you’re walking through ful you’re never really sure what’s true and what’s not this can make you feel une easy and doubtful and you will always be wondering if you’re getting the whole story but if your partner is always open and tells you the truth even when it’s hard it shows they respect and trust you it’s like when someone shares their secret with you showing they believe in your understanding and support they might admit when they’re wrong share their thoughts and feelings openly even they might be upfront about their past the this honesty makes your relationship stronger because it’s built on trust if you find yourself doubting what they say or feeling like they’re keeping things from you it’s important to talk about it trust is key in any relationship and when you’re partner is always truthful with you it’s a great sign it means you can rely on each other and face things together no matter what comes your way sign six they bring puzzle positivity into your life having someone who brings positivity into your life is like a breath of fresh air if they always make you unhappy and bring negativity into your life if they don’t understand you it will drain your energy it’s like a constant raincloud over your head this negativity can destroy your mind and soul and make you feel unhappy as if there’s always something bringing you down but when your partner is a source of positivity it brightens your day it’s like when the sun comes out after a long stretch of rainy days they will create positivity in your life they will motivate you in your hard day they will help you overcome any hardship hand inand their positive attitude can lift your spirits and make life more enjoyable if you often feel down or negative because of their attitude it’s important to consider the impact on your well-being a relationship should add happiness not take it away and if your partner generally makes your life brighter and more positive it’s a wonderful thing it means your time together is uplifting and helps you both face life with a happier healthier Outlook sign seven they never disrespect you when someone always treats you with respect it gives you confidence in the relationship and in life if they often disrespect you it can make you feel small and unimportant like you’re being pushed aside disrespect can come in many forms like ignoring your opinions speaking rudely or making fun of things you care about this kind of behavior can hurt a lot and make you doubt your value in the relationship but if your partner consistently shows you respect it’s a sign of a healthy and strong bond it’s like when someone listens intently to what you have to say values your opinions and treats your interests with importance even if they’re different from their own they say it with love and care they might make a point to speak kindly support your decisions and stand up for you when needed disrespect forms a foundation of trust and love and it makes you feel secure and valued in if you’re often feeling belittled or disrespected it’s crucial to address it respect is a Cornerstone of any good relationship and when your partner always treats you with the respect you deserve cherish it it means they truly value you and the relationship creating a nurturing environment where both of you can Thrive before end I want you to remember that life is too short don’t choose someone who is not for you choose the right person who understands you motivates you and makes you feel good about yourself write your opinions in the comment section I will read each of your comments and I will post the most inspiring comment in our Channel and if you want more words of wisdom hit the Subscribe button



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  1. All these signs are true,
    These are very nice and brings happiness in the beginning of relationships but when time passed , things and priorities changed and a man manipulated by his wife which leads dishonor, and emasculated.