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have you ever tried to get someone’s attention and priority have you ever tried to get someone’s love and affection but they did not care about you do you know why they did not care about you it is because of you yes it is you because you could not attract them and manifest them in your life in this video I will tell you seven brutal rules to attract anyone in your life lesson one use scarcity principle humans always value things more when something seems limited or hard to get we never chase something that is easily available so how does this apply to attracting women it’s simple when you’re always available always saying yes and constantly putting others needs before your own it clearly shows you don’t have self self respect and you are desperate you should have goals dreams and passions you should work hard to achieve your dream you should spend time at your destination that’s attractive it shows you’re driven you’ve got priorities and you’re not just sitting around waiting for someone to give your life meaning don’t always be the one to initiate contact or make plans give her space to miss you and wonder about you it’s not about ignoring her or playing hard to get it’s about giving the relationship room to breathe lesson two use the Ben Franklin effect according to psychology if you help someone you will like them more if they appreciate you you will love them more this might sound a bit odd but it’s all about how doing something nice for someone else makes us feel good and more connected to them so how can this help when you’re trying trying to catch the interest of a woman the idea is to ask her for a small favor this could be anything from getting her opinion on a subject in which she’s interested or ask for a little help the key is to keep it simple and ensure it’s something she can do without much hassle when she does the small things she then asks for the big things if she does the small things she will also do the big things for the same feelings make sure to express your gratitude after she helps you a sincere thank you can go a long way people appreciate being appreciated and acknowledging her effort can make her feel valued this positive interaction can lead to her seeing you in a better light and feeling more connected to you lesson three create mystery when you are too predictable there is nothing interesting but when you keep a sense of mystery about yourself it can really draw draw women in it’s not about playing games or being secretive for no reason instead it’s about letting things about you unfold over time naturally this way you become like a puzzle she’s eager to solve when everything about you is easily available why will they chase you and why do they feel curious about you but when you reveal yourself bit by bit it keeps things interesting it’s like a good TV show that ends on a thrilling moment and you just can’t wait to see the next episode how do you go about this well it’s about how you share your stories your passions and even your everyday experiences give just enough details to keep her interested but not so much that there’s nothing left to discover it’s the difference between saying I play guitar and I’ll tell you about the time my music took me to an unexpected Place someday but here’s the thing it’s got to be genuine creating mystery is not about making stuff up or avoiding questions it’s about sharing your life in a way that invites more curiosity this approach keeps the conversation flowing and makes you a person she wants to keep learning more about Lesson Four value yourself valuing yourself is all about knowing your worth and not settling for less it’s a big deal when it comes to attracting women because nothing screams attractive like a man who respects himself when you don’t value yourself it shows you might end up saying yes to things you don’t want to do or you might let people treat you in ways you don’t deserve this can make you seem less confident and less in control of your life but when you really value yourself you make choices that are good for you you spend time doing things that make you happy and that help you grow you set boundaries and stick to them and you don’t let anyone cross those line this kind of self-respect is super attractive valuing yourself also means you don’t chase after people or try too hard to impress them you know what you bring to the table and you’re not afraid to eat alone this doesn’t mean you’re arrogant it just means you have healthy respect for yourself so take a good look at how you treat yourself and make some changes if you need to remember the way you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you when you value yourself you attract people who value you too lesson five radiate positively radiating positivity is like a magnet that attracts women it’s all about the vibe you give off when you’re positive you’re like a breath of fresh air that makes people want to be around you being positive doesn’t mean you’re always happy or that you ignore life’s challenges it’s about maintaining a hopeful Outlook and focusing on the good even in tough situations this attitude is contagious and can make interactions with you uplifting and enjoyable how do you radiate positivity start by being mindful of your words and actions complain less and appreciate more show genuine interest in others and listen to what they have to say celebrate small victories both yours and those of people around you remember positivity isn’t just about what you say it’s also about your body language smile more maintain eye contact and keep an open posture these small changes can make a big difference in how approachable and attractive you appear in essence radiating positivity makes you someone people especially women want to be close cl to it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that draws people in making you more likable and engaging lesson six focus on self-love self love is the foundation of everything especially when it comes to drawing the attention of women it’s not about being self-absorbed or narcissistic it’s about having a high level of respect and appreciation for yourself when a man is unsure of himself or lacks confidence women can easily notice it they have a special sense for this however a man who is comfortable in his own skin who doesn’t need someone else to validate his worth He is inherently attractive it’s not just out confidence it’s about being at peace with who you are so how do you practice self love in your daily life start by acknowledging your achievements no matter how small they may seem celebrate your victories and learn from your setbacks without harsh self criticism it’s about understanding that everyone makes mistakes but these don’t Define your worth moreover setting boundaries is a crucial aspect of self-love it means recognizing what’s not good for you and Having the courage to say no to it whether it’s a demanding job a toxic relationship or an unhealthy habit respecting your own limits is a sign of self-respect lesson seven achieve great financial success achieving financial success is more than just having a lot of money it’s about what it signifies it shows you’re disciplined ambitious and capable of setting and reaching your goals these qualities are attractive and can draw women toward you but remember it’s not just the wealth itself that’s appealing it’s the qualities you demonstrate in achieving it being financially successful means you’re likely to be responsible reliable and Forward Thinking these are traits that suggest stability and security which are inherently attractive so how do you go about this start by setting clear financial goals and working diligently towards them educate yourself about financial management invest wisely and don’t shy away from hard work it’s about making smart decisions that will pay off in the long run however it’s crucial to keep things in perspective financial success is just one aspect of your life it’s important to balance your pursuit of wealth with other areas ensuring you’re also focusing on personal growth relationships and your well-being after all true attractiveness comes from a well-rounded and balanced life now before ending I want you to take action don’t just always watch motivational videos now take action write down your promise that you will change your life at any cost you will attract your soulmate by being the best version of yourself I will read your promise and I will feature the most inspiring comment on our Channel along with your name and if you want more of these kinds of words of wisdom hit the Subscribe button



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  1. Number 2 is called Qualifying. Its been around in PU and dating circles for 24 years lol. When people jump through hoops (even very small ones) from you qualifying them… it builds their investment in you. For ex… if you ask her to do something small and innocuous. So occassionally, "hey, could you grab me a soda from the fridge in meeting room?" or… "hey, can you bring those papers over to me- that report by you?" etc.

  2. 1. Use Scarcity Principle
    2. The Ben Franklin Effect
    3. Create Mystery
    4. Value Yourself
    5. Radiate Positively
    6. Focus on Self-Love
    7. Achieve Great Financial Success