Cristiano Ronaldo’s Life Advice Will Leave You SPEECHLESS (Must Watch)

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the best players always follow the best players they want to be in the top of the the game because they are the ones they are there you know you cannot rest or sleep because the other one can pass you of course we fight with everyone with the Neymar with the Messi with Lewandowski with iguane you know with the top of the best players in the world so I mean this is not fighting but it’s it’s it’s hard it’s healthy you know compressions is healthy and we fight you know to be the best this is why it’s my my main point it’s my motivation it’s to be better than them than them year after year and he said to me Cristiano the most important thing I knew it and everyone know that and he said Cristiano we have money we have everything we have Fame and they say I have millions and billions but the most important thing is the family keep your family healthy good and take care of your family because this is the most important thing in the world a part of that of course you have your life your private life you have your girlfriend you have your cars your houses your Fame but in the beginning your family it’s always with you for the good moments and for the bad moments but I know I depend on many people but to be honest if you’re thinking too much about that you lost your focus which is the most important you know my focus is to be a good man and to do it my my job properly so this is what I’m trying to do I know many people depend on me but this is his other side of me I I try to done so don’t focus on that because in my it’s important but for me is not the most important it’s about the balance we have time for everything you know to enjoy with my son to do it proper my job you know to be fit all the time to training properly all the time to play good because it’s my life you know as you know the soccer in America right and football in Europe you know it’s it’s it’s great and it’s my passion it’s what I love to do and to be fit all the time to be in the top of the level many many years you have to be consistent so this is what I’m trying to do to be to be good to be in a good shape and try to enjoy the people this is what I love to do I have to improve and I’m I want to improve and I see myself to do it when I’m retired to speak from millions of people advices how to be a professional player how to maintain your longevity how I’m not psychologist but I passed through many many things and I can you know about this above how to win how to win which is the most important I think that’s what it’s all about I have experienced to to expire people for that I think I’m I’m a role model and I I can help many many people in that way if they want my help I want to listen to it right for sure especially the young people I want to be with the young people to speak with them not only for them but for the Fathers as well to put him in a in a white spot I see football now as a business to be honest I don’t understand that treat you they treat your players like a piece of meat and say yes you say everything is true when they want you when they they they they count with you they give you everything when they don’t they try to to make a hard life to you I see football piece the last years as a business I saw many many things that I’m disappointing the passion for the game is still intact but in the same way I say I saw other things as well which is this surprise me but in the same way it’s part of the business because if you see the world how it is in the moment it’s it’s all business everyone take on itself everyone they are more individual listen you have one game after three four days you have to be in the national team preparation for the World Cup it’s hard sometimes you have to sell everything and be with your family take the best decisions and in this summer I didn’t feel comfortable I feel uncomfortable the way they treat me especially the the Press they doubt about me the professional that I am it’s impossible to be 21 in the top of the game if you’re not professional then they doubt about me which has made me feel very very very sad because in my life I’m always one of the best professionals this is why I’m still playing the eye level I’m always say it’s it’s all package you know first of all it’s the talent helps a lot of course but of course the ethic of work you have to put in your mind ethic of work when you are professional so since day one when I started with the professional let’s say with 16 17 18 I’m always epic to be the best trying hard to listen to all the players experienced players and of course my dreaming coming through I was professional I play in the best clubs in the worlds I won the most important trophies so I’m glad to be in this position but of course this is not coming from the sky I dedicate myself and I’m working hard and this is why the goals and all the achievements that I get coming from dedication and hard work in the beginning when I was a young very young I read a lot and I do extra trainings to improve my you know my skills the dribblings and everything but uh you know we I think you’re working well because you know I’m what I am today is started from from that moment that I that I that I did weights and my feet and jumping and do drillings and I take it off and I feel more faster so it was was funny and I remember so good and I’m happy to have this memory um what I did the last let’s say 15 years so it’s good it’s good Improvement I’m always say it was the uh toughest time in my life it was when I left my family with 11. years old to live in a different world which is Lisbon in the same country but it looked like it’s a different part of the world I was crying almost every day to miss my family but I’m not I’m not regret because it was probably the more more intense moments in my life that I that I lived through so without sacrifice you cannot win nothing so I did a unbelievable sacrifice my family too and I think it was I think I have I did a good option it’s stupid question what do people say ah they are not the same nobody is the same day by day we’re getting old every one of us you understand it’s normal you have to adapt and I think nobody in this game have this brain that adapts with his age I’m not I’m not want to be cocky to say that I’m the same that when I asked 20 of course no but I’m adapt and I be smart to know my strength when I’m good to do and I’m still playing the eye level and I score goals and I will continue to score goals if my mind is clear and happy and if the people surround me there help me to be successful player especially the coach president directives but when you feel that the energy don’t go surround you it’s difficult you to be yourself which is happening this is what’s happened with me when I arrive in Manchester United I always be available to help the team to do the good things to put in the right spots to compete with the best teams but it’s hard when they they cut your legs and they don’t like you to shine and they don’t listen to your advices I think I I have Awards to advice to the club because the trophies that I won individual and Collective I think I can help a lot but when the infrastructure is not good they criticized me when I don’t speak of course when I’m gonna speak the Koreans criticize me even more but it’s something that I can I can deal with that I know I’m gonna disappointing a few people maybe I’m gonna make up a few people but it is what it is the life is it’s completely difficult we have obstacles in our lives and um I will keep running to fight against the people who don’t believe me and the life is a challenge and I wanted people the people that they are wrong nobody is perfect episodes in the life we all have uh is part of the human beings it’s part of me to be a human being and father as well I always will commit a mistakes but I don’t know it’s hard to tell right now what’s going to happen the World Cup because my focus is always for the World Cup for the Portugal national team



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  1. I didn’t know Cristiano Ronaldo’s beginnings leading to his becoming famous, but I always wanted to be one of those stars that he is, so I cheer for him because I mostly have to do things on my own to get success without help, and only one parent pays for my school expenses, and that one parent didn't have much to depend on while going to university.

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