Dark Psychology : Seduce Anyone With Psychology

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Walla Stevens once said human nature is like water it takes the shape of its container the same things can be applied to humans you can persuade anyone as you want just as you can place water in any container you can positively use it to make someone love you intensely Robert Green studied so much on persuasion and seduction in this video I will tell you seven brutal dark psychological tactics you can implement to persuade anyone but kindly don’t use any of these to harm anyone use it positively number one use scarcity to increase desire naturally people place higher value on things that are less available this concept can be used in love and relationships as well by making your time and attention somewhat scarce you can create a sense of urgency and increase your perceived value how do you affect ly employ scarcity without appearing disinterested or playing games the key is balance ensure you’re genuinely investing time and effort in your Pursuits whether it’s your career Hobbies or personal growth this not only enriches your life but also naturally limits your availability making the time you do offer more precious when you’re with her be fully present and engage engaged making those moments truly count then when you’re aart focus on your own interests commitments and goals this approach not only maintains your individuality and attractiveness but also leaves her looking forward to your next meeting in essence by integrating scarcity into your interactions you’re not playing hard to get love you’re simply living a fulfilling life that anyone would be drawn to be a part of this strategy enhances your appeal and makes your presence a sought after commodity in her [Music] eyes number two apply the foot in the door technique start small then go big the method is like planting a tiny seed and then watching it grow into a big tree this works because of how our minds like to stay consistent with what we do when we say yes to something small our brain thinks I’m the kind of person who says yes to this person so later on when a bigger request comes our brain wants to keep saying yes to stay consistent for example imagine you ask someone if they like ice cream which is a very easy question to answer they say yes later you might ask if they want to go get ice cream with you a bigger request because they already said yes to you once they’re more likely to say Yes again this method is cool because it matches how we naturally are as people we like to stick to what we’ve already done it makes us feel good to be consistent so when you start with something small and easy it opens the door for bigger things in a smooth and natural way by using this simple approach you’re working with human nature making it easier for people to keep saying yes and helping your relationship grow in a friendly and easygoing way number three become mysterious according to psychology humans are always wired to be curious and humans are fascinated by the unknown we’re naturally drawn to things we can’t fully understand or predict when you create a bit of a mystery you can play with anyone’s innate curiosity you can make anyone very interested in you but how do you create mystery don’t tell her everything about yourself all at once imagine you’re an onion and she gets to peel back one layer at a time each layer she peels back makes her more curious about the next so when you’re talking to her share a little bit about yourself but leave some details for later don’t just spill everything out of your life let them earn it let them discover you when she feels like she’s gradually uncovering the depths of your personality and your life story it keeps the relationship ship Dynamic and engaging so the bottom line is this keep a bit of mystery about yourself let her discover more about you over time like a puzzle she’s putting together it’ll make her more invested in you and keep the spark alive in your relationship number four Master the push pull technique this is about mixing things up to keep her Keen sometimes you have to give her too much priority give her loads of attention and and make her feel super special it is called a push but then switch it up take a step back and focus on your stuff like working hard earning money going to the gym studying and achieving goals this keeps her guessing about you because she can’t predict you when you push she feels wanted so when you pull back it stirs things up because we all chase after things that seem just a bit Out Of Reach it’s like a game where she’s trying to catch on to your next move and that’s the buzz that brings her back it’s about letting her know you’re into her while you are also showing you’ve got your world and you’re not just sitting around waiting this shows your solid self assured and not needy which is a total magnet people are naturally attracted to this kind of person so keep her on her toes with this Push Pull Vibe it’s all about keeping things Lively and showing her you’re your own guy with cool stuff happening making you even more of a catch lesson five create triangle of Desire it’s about letting her know that you’re not just a simple man you have to show your value let them know other people are noticing you too subtly mention that others find you interesting or Attractive people want what others want it’s like when everyone’s talking about new cool things you want to check it out too that’s how the human brain works if she gets the vibe that others are also into you it naturally bumps up your appeal that will make her jealous or stressed it’s more about giving her a little warning and showing her that she’s with someone who’s got it going on and someone else finds you cool too So the plan is to just sprinkle in little hints that show your well liked it’s a way to spice up how she sees you reminding her that she’s with a guy who’s more than just average she is with someone worth her time lesson six make her feel like she’s the only one this is about giving her your full attention when you’re together make her feel like she’s your top priority it’s not just about what you say but how you act listen closely to what she’s talking about remember the little details and show her that you really get her why is this a game Cher because everyone wants to feel special like they’re the main character in someone’s story when you make her feel like she’s the most important person in the room it strengthens your connection and makes her value the time she spends with you even more it signals to her brain that you are someone who can be the closest person to her and open her heart so focus on her when you’re together put away distractions like your phone own make eye contact and really engage with her this approach makes her feel seen and heard reinforcing her belief that she’s with someone who truly appreciates her lesson seven employ mirroring and matching mirroring and matching are subtle yet powerful psychological strategies to create a deeper connection with someone this technique involves subtly copying the body language speech patterns or attitudes of the person you’re interacting with when done correctly it can make the other person feel more comfortable and understood which leads to a stronger Bond it will open her heart towards you how do you put this into practice start with body language if she leans in you lean in slightly as well if she gestures with her hands while speaking incorporate similar gestures into your conf conversation the key is subtlety it shouldn’t feel like mimickry but rather like you’re naturally in synchronization with each other next match her speech Tempo and volume if she speaks softly and slowly adjust your voice to mirror that this alignment and communication style will create a sense of Harmony and comfort between the two of you and she will automatically drawn to you now before before ending the video I want to know your opinion on persuasion and seduction or you can share your own story in the comments I will read each of your comments I will share the most inspiring comments in our Channel and if you want to level up and hear more unfiltered words of wisdom hit the Subscribe button



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  1. You are describing my X narcissist. Now I know where they learned their twisted behavior. This video is not about love it’s about manipulation.

  2. The time will come when people know this and will be uneffective, don't you think?Have ever will be, when men won't search for cheap tactics to be together with someone?😒

  3. Good information. However, prefer to apply this on self because it will improve the relationship with self or help to connect more with oneself rather than try to control the behaviour of another person. I believe, Freedom is the pure form of Love and Love is the key in your relationship. So help your partner to get more aware instead making a dumb person lol. In addition, connecting with self will make your relationship more attractive to any person.

  4. This is a great way to get people to run away from you because these are classic techniques of a narcissist who emotionally abuses people. Big red flag this video

  5. These approaches won't be effective. Instead, focus on learning and implementing what feels natural to you.

    Build your own personality, be fair, and exude confidence.
    Ultimately, winners prevail in this world.

    You need to be a winner in life; showcase your talents, and those who appreciate them will be drawn to you. That's how you'll find your significant other.

    Try to be the BEST VERSION of Yourself , you start to mimic someone , which is not you and you ultimately fail.
    Just work hard be successful and be fit and healthy, healthy body and mind can do wonders to you and brings happiness in life.

    Surround with successful people ✖❌ No, surround with people who make you happy and value you ✅✅

    For Girls … But don't be a bich and fall for pick up lines, because it makes you happy, fake compliments , letting be yourself in whatever you wear , whatever you do ?? No A Man never loves a bich he just fakes it and uses you…

    this is for all those girls who give themselves for teddys, toys, gifts all nonsense shit you do for little gifts you lose your precious life.

  6. This is terrible advice. A guy spent 3 months to get my attention, he tried to do play these games with me and lost me immediately with the push and pull game. Blocked forever.

    If you care about a woman be consistent with her and show up genuinely. Anyone with two brain cells is gonna block you if they catch you playing these games.

  7. LISTEN to her and make her feel like SHE matters. ONLY IF you truly care… otherwise… let her go b4 u hurt her. Same for guys…. I have sons. I tried my very best to raise them to be GOOD but NOT a doormat. I told them … I may not have been good at this, but i hopefully my mistakes -taught them what they don’t to do someone or feel. I want them to know what they WANT to feel

  8. Guys Be Real and authentication 🎉 Love will meet u intensely ! Be consistent! Considerate, kind , strong and emotionally healed. This video is gonna put u in truma. I love this channel suddenly its being Negative

  9. and… after they snap out of your charm they will realize that you tricked them into accepting and they will hate you for that. Don't believe this, if she/he don't like you, then move on man.

  10. Quite honestly this is great for men that don’t care about you!! If he loves you, it won’t be about manipulation …many men have lost good women this way…..many women have been destroyed behind these techniques and the man never stays… pick your karma wisely