Don’t Pursue Love and Relationships | Learn How to Attract Them Naturally

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don’t chase butterfly take care of your garden butterfly will come naturally have you ever chased someone’s love and never found love from them actually the more you chase love it’ run way faster and ultimately you become depressed and unhappy most people don’t know how to naturally attract love in life in this video I will tell you six universal law that will attract more love in your life rule number one let go of attachments when you’re constantly checking your phone and wait for someone’s message or call it’s like you’re putting all your happiness in someone else’s hands instead of hanging on to every notification start focusing on what makes you happy outside of that relationship dive into your hobbies hang out with friends and work on personal goals why does this matter when you’re busy enjoying enjoying your life you’re not obsessing over whether someone contacts you this shift in Focus does something powerful it makes you more attractive people are naturally drawn to those who are content and busy with their own lives it shows that you’re not just waiting around for someone else to make you happy you’re already happy you are already complete so the goal here isn’t to ignore your feelings or play games it’s about genuinely finding fulfillment in your own life when you do this you naturally become less fixated on the need for someone else’s attention it’s not about playing hard to get love and attention by living a life that’s full and exciting you become someone who adds value to others not someone who’s just waiting to take this kind of Independence and self-sufficiency is what truly attracts people rule number two practice gratitude gratitude is Shifting your focus from what you don’t have to appreciating what you do have start each day by listing three things you’re grateful for it could be anything a good cup of coffee a call from a mother the sunshine what this does is set positive tone for your day gratitude isn’t just about feeling good it changes how you interact with the world when you’re grateful you’re more positive more relaxed and more attractive people are drawn to positivity it’s like a magnet and when you’re appreciative of the Small Things it shows that you value what life offers making you someone others want to be around but here’s the real kicker gratitude pulls you out of the LAX mindset instead of focusing on What’s Missing in your life like a relationship your cell celebrating what’s already there this shift in mindset is powerful it takes the desperation out of love and relationships you’re no longer chasing love out of a need you’re open to it because your life is already full that’s the kind of energy that attracts more good stuff your way including love rule number three practice The Law of Attraction this might sound difficult at first Let Me Explain the law of attraction is about attracting into your life whatever you focus on when you think positive you get positive when you think negative you get Negative well so how do you use this for love and relationships it starts with how you think and what you believe about yourself and your love life first off visualize what you want in a relationship picture it in detail how does it feel what does it look like what are you doing with your partner this isn’t daydreaming it’s like setting a GPS for where you want to go but here’s the crucial part you need to believe it’s possible doubt is like hitting the brakes belief is hitting the gas now it’s not just about thinking happy thoughts you’ve got to put some action behind it work on yourself be the kind of partner you want to attract if you want someone kind be kind if you want someone beautiful be beautiful The Law of Attraction has two part think it about as realities and another part work for it it’s this combination that really sets things in motion remember you attract what you are not just what you want so focus on being the best version of yourself and watch how that changes the game rule number four trust that the universe will deliver what you desire this might sound a bit like waiting for a miracle but it’s not about sitting back and doing nothing it’s about having faith that things will work out even when you can’t see how just yet this rule is all about balancing action with patience so how do you do this start by setting clear intentions about what you want in a relationship be specific about the qualities you looking for in a partner and the kind of relationship you want to have but once you’ve set these intentions here’s the key you need to let go of trying to control how and when it will happen this doesn’t mean you give up or stop taking steps toward your goal you still go out meet people work on yourself and improve yourself but you do it with a sense of calm knowing that you’re on the right path it’s like planting a seed you you water it give it sunlight but you can’t force it to grow overnight you trust that in time it will Bloom remember the universe has a funny way of bringing us what we need at the right time sometimes what we think we want and what we actually need are two different things so keep your heart open stay positive and trust that everything will fall into place rule number five create a deep of self-love the way you see yourself is often how others will see you too the way you treat yourself is how people treat you it’s about setting a standard for how you should be treated based on how you treat yourself so how do you cultivate this self-love it’s about more than just self-care routines or treating yourself to nice things it starts from within Begin by acknowledging your own worth recognize your strengths talents and everything that makes you unique forgive yourself when you make mistake another key aspect is how you speak to yourself in your mind this inner dialogue shapes a lot of our self perception self love also means setting healthy boundaries for yourself it’s knowing when to say no understanding your limits and not compromising your values for others it’s about respecting yourself enough to walk away from situations or relationships that don’t serve your well-being by developing a strong sense of self-love you create a Vibe of self-respect and confidence this doesn’t just improve your relationship with yourself it also sets the stage for healthier more respectful relationships with others when you love and accept yourself you attract people who do the same rule number six practice patience in our fast-paced world where everything seems instant waiting for something as love can be tough but good things often take time and relationships are no exception practicing patience is about understanding that meaningful connections aren’t rushed it’s about being okay with the journey even if it’s slower than you’d like remember a strong lasting relationship is built over time through shared experiences trust and understanding not overnight remind yourself that everyone’s love story is unique just because it seems like everyone else is in a relationship or getting married doesn’t mean you’re behind you’re on your own path and that’s perfectly okay patience in love is about embracing the present and trusting that the future will bring the right opportunities and people into your life it’s a blend of being content with where you are now and excited for what’s to come now it is time to take action comment below give me a promise and say I will be the best version of myself I will not Chase love anymore rather I will manifest the love I want in my life I will read your comment and feature the most inspiring comment your channel along with your name if you really want to elevate your life with words of wisdom hit the Subscribe button



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  1. Personally I believe one must be love ie self love via self realisation loving oneself unconditionally then one can love another unconditionally then instead of a an attached relationship with expectations wich only lead too disappointment control possession and much more , unconditional love is just simply being love simply as love itself no conditions no expectations just to people that love themselves effortlessly do then that love flows outwardly from within effortlessly simply enjoying each moment in the present timeless now of each others company and being that effortless love unbound unlimited immeasurable love and being grateful for each other and letting just be as it is , let there be peace let there be love for all beings universal namaste ๐Ÿ™ om ๐Ÿ•‰ shanti shanti shanti ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ•‰

  2. For far too many years, I have believed the lies told about me. But last month, words of affirmation from some friends really touched my heart and I finally believed those positive words over the hateful words. I am practicing self love now, and am open to love from the right person who meets my wants and desires as a soul mate. And if I never find him; I am content being alone.

  3. I will be the best version of myself I will not Chase love I will manifest the love I desire and focus on what blessings I do have and be grateful for them all practicing gratitude, kindness, self love and worthiness daily

  4. I will be the best version of myself, I will let love chase me instead of the other way around. I see myself growing (physically and mentally) every year, bit by bit. One day, I hope I could be the best father figure for my future kids and share them my wisdom!

  5. I will be the best version of myself, I will not chase love and I will manifest love in my life. I am special, I am beautiful, I am talented, I know I am good in heart. I know universe is with me. I just have to be patience. It is just a matter of time. Thank you โค

  6. I promise that I will be the best version of my self, I will not chase for for the love I will manifest my loves as I want. & Thankyou you such as beautiful or inspiring video i really appreciate your efforts ๐Ÿ™