“Emotional” Chris Bumstead Motivational Video (MUST WATCH)

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it’s been an amazing journey you know bodybuilding’s given me so much it’s a road full of ups and downs I did everything in life four weeks ago I was in the bathroom crying honestly sobbing with my girlfriend just like felt like the law was getting to me with a lot of pressure felt like things were just kind of hard and tough and I wanted to just quit to be honest I felt like I lost a lot of faith in myself and it was getting really hard to just push through and I didn’t quit obviously we’re here today but this morning before well after prejudging I had that same cry in the bathroom but this one was a cry of gratitude and pride that I had pushed through and gone through that and it’s it’s these moments it’s this journey and like like I felt this before having the trophy around my neck it’s your journey it’s the experience is knowing that you pushed Past Times where you wanted to quit and you got done you pushed through it so everyone out there whose dreams are scaring you who dreams make you want to quit just don’t quit it’s good your dreams should be big they should be scary just keep pushing through I have this thing I say Champion mentality it’s not about winning it’s not about a trophy it’s about having no quit it’s about giving everything you have so that when you show up on game day before the results are over you’re proud of yourself and you know the work you put in and that’s all I can feel right now just pride and gratitude to be here on this stage I think the most the biggest sacrifice I’ve made for professional bodybuilding would be in my social life especially coming from a very social background in University I lived in the house with seven guys and we kind of ran a big party scene around our school we hosted parties we all went to parties we went out multiple times a week and then all of a sudden I had to trim I didn’t have to I chose to transition into more focusing and more on my career of bodybuilding and I would they’d be going out and asking me to come out and be sitting in my room just kind of waiting for them to leave and waiting to eat my next meal got to get to bed early because I had to wake up and do cardio even now like people come back from out of town people are wanting to hang out first thing they ask you do you want to go for dinner and you’re in prep you’re like uh I can’t go out you know you can’t eat you can’t go out and it gets to the point too where they’re like oh he’s just gonna say no don’t even bother inviting him so you find certain certain friends will stop even talking to you because you’re gonna you’re that boring guy so you miss out on a lot of social life and probably my biggest sacrifice I don’t know if the success and failure because a lot of people can be lucky and successful but I think a huge thing some people lack others not need more of it you need to believe in yourself like absolutely and fully know that you believe in yourself or and I’m having an understanding that if you are doing everything at the best of your ability that’s in your control then you know you will be successful from that and then that kind of creates a release of anxiety of the stuff that’s out of your control and you just focus on what is is in your control I think all really successful people have a mindset that can detach from whatever the other control whatever might happen or come into your life and only focus on what they can do and doing that at the best of their ability at this stage in your career how do you stay motivated this is definitely something that has come in to been a little bit more difficult in recent years I kind of like feel like I’ve accomplished a lot of what might have wanted to accomplish and it’s almost like creating new goals in my head that I need to chase after new difficult tasks that I need to do and it’s nitpicking how I looked in years past and understanding that I still haven’t looked exactly how I want to look and I want to get on stage looking like almost perfect at least once before I retire so that kind of etches me to do everything in a little bit better that I wasn’t doing properly last year like I was talking about I want to Peak better also just sitting down and like I said picking new goals that it’s going to be I wanted to win the Olympia I want Olympia twice I wanted to have the most classic film Olympia titles I wanted to when it was a perfect score I had these like goals and I’ve accomplished all of them now and now it’s just like what do you want next and I really would love to be like remembered as to the end of time as like one of the goats of classic Zeke and I want to really like leave my legacy on classic Physique in the ifbb so my goal is to really accomplish that and that’s kind of keeping me motivated right now so I’m trying to put my focus on fine-tuning things chasing stuff I tell myself in my head that people I’m competing against are getting better and better and that they’re coming up after me and that I need to push myself more and more and just trying to remember why I started all this because I just love competing I love bodybuilding and I want to keep improving being the best version of myself winning isn’t once what I thought it was I found it to be much more complex than our traditional definitions of success a lot of people fall to their knees in tears after a big accomplishment partly due to Joy and gratitude but a lot of what you see is relief and even fear I don’t say this to be cynical but I’ve heard it from various people and experienced it myself it’s a crucial moment in a person’s Journey where you need to ask yourself what women means to you otherwise you get stuck Mr wheel chasing a potentially non-existent episode what I found is that winning doesn’t happen on show day it happens in the early mornings painful workouts long cardio sessions and hungry nights happens in those moments of fear we all have when faced with a difficult goal and then more so and what you make of that fear it happens in every second of every day before you win if you can take every opportunity you have to bring yourself closer to your goal win every one of those opportunities all while becoming more resilient in the process how can you lose that is an exciting opportunity an exciting responsibility to find out what you’re truly capable of a metal around your neck and a trophy in your hands provides but a moment of relief maybe a surge of excitement but one that will quickly and surely fade then you’re back to square one and faced with new decisions can I do it again will I do it again there are new challenges you face now you’re so focused on winning you didn’t plan for what comes next after all the hell you just put yourself through are you ready to do it again but with more intensity if you’re not improving you’re falling behind now you’ve shown the world what you’re capable of doing and they expect nothing less another scary but exciting opportunity another opportunity to grow you may have busted your ass and gotten lucky once but that was then and this is now you can work 10 times smarter and harder than you did before but you’re still promised nothing entering hell blindly with no promise of what’s on the other end is one thing but getting to paradise and then choosing to turn back around into hell full well knowing what to expect this time with a pipe dream of a better Paradise on the other end waiting for you that’s Insanity the history of the habit of calling ambitious people crazy there’s no guarantee of what you’ll find on the other side of hell you may even be crazy enough to learn that it was never hell to begin with maybe just maybe you can open your mind to the possibility that paradise is found in how you choose to look and act in this world Paradise like our goals may not really be a destination but an endless Horizon we secretly don’t want to reach a never-ending reason to keep working and growing with the intention not to accomplish goals but to become someone who can accomplish any goal winning equally has no Finish Line to bet the responsibility to ourselves to take control of what little things you can in this world regardless of circumstance to train your mind to switch your perspective and focus on being the absolute best you can be in the areas you do have control over having a champion mentality isn’t about the trophies medals or success about having no quit not letting anyone hear you complain standing up for all you believe in living in your truth and setting the standard at which you operate at for everything in your life it’s about willingly choosing to do every single thing within your power to achieve your end result at the end of it all you may just find that the trophies and money were never the prize you wanted but rather the journey the mentality you built along the way with everything you’ve ever needed and I’ve always been a huge believer that meant your mentality your mental state your mental toughness everything is a huge driver of success and what separates like true like long-lasting champions from people who just win once or twice and it developed a lot more over the years as I started to really understand just how important your mind is in competitive Sports success career absolutely anything and understanding that you are Your Own Worst Enemy all the time you are literally competing against yourself all the time and that the champion mentality isn’t so much about being a champion and winning trophies but it’s about having no quit like I said my Olympia speech it’s about giving your all giving your best setting the standard for yourself so that you are putting in your best work to get your own best results whether you win or lose your competing with a champion mentality to be the best version of yourself it’s kind of what it’s developed into and I mean more every year I try and learn more about my mental state and that’s my Champion mentality the battle internal battle I have in my mind about my health partly because of what I stuff I’ve gone through in the past but also if you’re a bodybuilder and you’re competing at a high level and you have absolutely zero concern for your health you’re probably lying and denying how you feel or you’re just stupid because obviously it’s you’re putting a lot of stress on your body you’re doing a lot so it definitely takes a toll on me and sometimes I get these moments and I’m like like is something happening am I there’s something wrong like why am I doing this just to step on stage and compete like is it worth it and I get in these head battles like that and that’s when I know I need to be doing my health checks blood work everything making sure I’m healthy I’m working with a new doctor now and making sure everything’s on point so I can like instead of thinking I’m feeling good I know I’m doing everything I can to feel good and also just learning to not live in fear because anything can happen at any time in your life and if you choose to do something then do it don’t do it and like stress about doing it or you might as well not be doing it all because I don’t want to live my life like that follow my journey all I want to show you guys is to chase what you love and as you’re chasing it enjoy every step of the journey along the way and just love what you do because life is no other purpose other than that so thank you guys for following along I hope you learned something from the stuff I share and I love you guys



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