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have you ever wondered how choosing the wrong partner could turn your life upside down imagine investing your heart time and energy into a relationship only to find out it’s not what you wanted at all it’s like building your dream house on Shaky Ground eventually everything will collapse but what if you could avoid all that heartache what if you knew exactly how to pick a partner who not only meets your needs but truly compliments your life in this video I will give you five pieces of advice on how to choose your dream person in life number one know yourself first knowing yourself before jumping into a relationship is super important and here’s why it’s all about making sure you’re not just choosing someone because they look good or because you’re lonely you’ve got to really dig deep and figure out what you’re all about what ticks you off what makes you happy think of it like this if you don’t know what you stand for you might end up with someone who’s totally wrong for you it’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole you need to know your own mind first are you chasing dreams that require a partner who’s as ambitious as you are or do you need someone who’s going to be calm in your storm and it’s not just about about what you like to do on the weekend it’s about how you handle the tough times if you’re the type who needs to talk things out and you end up with someone who shuts down during tough times you’re in for a world of frustration also think about your past relationships what worked and what didn’t this isn’t about dwelling on the past but learning from it if you ignore your own patterns you’re likely to repeat them have you ever heard heard the saying insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results well it applies here too in simple terms you have to know yourself like you’re your own best friend what do you really need from a partner to not just survive but also Thrive this isn’t about being selfish it’s about being smart don’t waste your time on someone who’s not going to mesh with the real you when you know what what you’re all about you can be clear and upfront about what you’re looking for that way you’re more likely to find someone who’s on the same page and avoid a lot of drama down the line number two look Beyond appearances when it comes to choosing a partner it’s crucial to look Beyond appearances yes being attracted to your partner is key but what’s beneath the surface will sustain your relationship over time time it’s like buying a car just for its shiny exterior without considering if it runs well or fits your life looks can change and attraction can evolve but a person’s values personality and how they treat others are what really matter in the long run to go beyond appearances focus on their interests values and behavior towards others kindness integrity and shared values on important life aspects like family work and finances or what will help you face life’s ups and downs together these qualities are the engine of your relationship notice how you feel around them do they make you feel respected supported and valued it’s these feelings that indicate a healthy relationship far more than physical attraction alone in essence don’t be swayed by just a pretty face or a charming smile look for someone with substance someone who aligns with you on a deeper level that’s where true connections are made and that’s what makes for a lasting partnership number three try to understand if the other person can truly understand your emotions and feelings it’s super important to figure out if the person you’re thinking about as a partner really can go deeper on an emotional level this isn’t about them just knowing your favorite movie or what kind of food you like it’s about whether they can tune into how you’re feeling even when you might not be saying it out loud so you need someone who’s not just there for the laughs and good times but can stand strong with you during the storms can they sense when you’re upset or stressed even if you’re keeping it undercover it’s about finding that person who knows when you need a little extra love without you having to spell it out for them every time relationships aren’t just about having fun together they’re about building a deep connection that goes beyond the surface if you’re with someone who overlooks your feelings or brushes them off then you’re in for a rough ride you want someone who’s going to be there really there understanding and supporting you through thick and thin it’s like finding a friend who knows you so well that they can tell what you’re thinking without you saying anything they’re there for you ready to make you feel better without you asking that’s the kind of person you want to be with number four always think about the long term when choosing a partner it’s like planning a journey it is not just a fun weekend trip you want someone who’s not only great to hang out with now but will also stand by you through all of life’s ups and down life is full of changes and challenges so when looking for a partner think about whether this person can adapt and grow with you are they just fun for now or do they have the qualities that will help you both build a future together it’s about finding someone who’s not just in it for the good times but will also be there when things get tough consider how they handle problems do they give up easily or do they face challenges headon you need someone who’s ready to tackle problems together not someone who runs away at the first sign of trouble think about whether this person is someone you can see yourself growing old with can you imagine them being there for you supporting your dreams and working through life’s obstacles together that’s the kind of partner you want for the Long Haul number five don’t lock yourself up and be open to New Opportunities when you’re looking for a partner don’t close yourself off to only one type of person or ignore other chances to meet someone great it’s like when you’re shopping for a new phone if you only look at one brand because that’s all you’ve ever known you might miss out on something that that fits you better here’s a straightforward way to think about it life and love are unpr predictable sometimes the person who ticks all your boxes on paper isn’t the one who makes your heart sing in real life so keep your mind and heart open meeting different people gives you a better sense of what you really want and need in a partner not just what you think you should want it’s also about giving chances to people you might not initially consider your type sometimes someone unexpected comes along and they just click with you in ways you couldn’t have imagined that can’t happen if you’re not open to the experience so don’t put yourself in a box or stick to a strict list of must halves be willing to explore meet different people and see where things go it’s about being open to the journey of finding love which sometimes means taking roads you didn’t even know were there this openness can lead you to a partner who truly compliments you in every way by following these five pieces of advice you’re not just casting for a role in your life you’re looking for someone who can share the whole journey with you through every plot twist and turn write your thoughts in the comments below I will read each of your comments and feature the best ones on our Channel if you found this advice helpful hit the Subscribe button



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  1. 😒 absolutely what I am going through right now 3yrs of absolutely nothing but take ,steal from me and telling me I am toxic, manipulater,and a gas previous relationship from this was 12&half yrs everything was fine never heard toxic, manipulate,or gas lighting words from each other apart from he cheated on me after having 2 kids together that's why I left but this 3yrs with this partner I don't even know who I am now after being accused me of I'm a gas lighter, toxic and manipulater…If I express my feelings crying he totally does opposite.i was like opening legs up for him in bed only.and they say they love you I left him two days now and rings me saying sorry but is he really sorry and says he loves me but I don't see that and told him actions speaks louder I haven't seen it in 3yrs