If You Don’t Respect Shia LaBeouf, Watch This — Shia LaBeouf’s Emotional Speech

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know I had no love in my life I had no purpose in my life [Music] yeah I’m just trying to get my little piece to work that’s it just trying to I ain’t trying to change the world or just that’s really pretentious I’m just trying to get my little piece right that’s it but in so doing you’re not trying to be a better person I mean that’s the goal right it’s like what you know it’s what are you striving for you know you wind up somewhere in the middle my purpose in life I mean the only real thing I’m good at is like bearing my soul so somewhere in there is a purpose thinks it can be quite um healing to have somebody else open up for you I think it can be like a healing thing I think when this stuff is done right it can be more than just a shallow objectified existence you can actually be quite helpful to people I know I’ve had performers help me in my life who I’ve never met so I don’t know to be helpful I guess there’s something pure about a person who just comes in and gives and then try to take nothing you know and sometimes a selfie sometimes feels a bit like a take sometimes not all the time it’s all in like the approach you know if they’re asking questions just to get to the selfie you can feel it yeah if you’re having an actual dialogue about something everybody’s into it and then that comes up at the end that doesn’t seem like as much as of a take I grew up on a in a culture that told me going to war made you a man going to prison and coming back coming back makes you a man making a million dollars makes you a man you know and and it doesn’t and you don’t know it till you didn’t done all these things and realize damn I’m still a little [ __ ] boy my definition of warrior has changed me too you know I didn’t really know what that meant and really it’s about bringing the others back and that’s my whole [ __ ] mission I think we’re all nostalgic right now that’s why we like sequels so much and you know it’s why that’s just that’s our culture yeah uh I can’t control the lines or anything past me yeah this is my attempt to like um reintegrate myself into society because even if you never get there there’s something really instructive uh or incisive about living as if right like uh like I pray at night when I’m scared even though science tells me there’s no God but I still pray I don’t know why it’s just something I do and I feel like I’m a better person because of it I know God’s like a not a good topic in this room but you know I mean no I don’t believe in him and or her or it and yes I do I don’t identify with that school of thought really I don’t really know what I do or what where where it comes from or how it happens I know that I I feel a whole lot I got a big heart I don’t know if I’m a method guy and I think some of that stuff’s ridiculous it’s like kind of the staying in character that’s sort of the class I like to be immersive yeah I like all immersive experience not just acting it’s probably why I like Catholicism as well I like all immersion I like being fully I like Adventure and that requires like full immersion so I would consider myself an immersive actor but method acting has like a bad smell to it some of the penitence involved in method is interesting because then you’re not acting I hate acting I hate acting because it feels like like you can get it wrong when you’re really in it um then you can’t get it wrong I hate losing you know I like to win and so there’s ways to like backstop a performance where you leave yourself very little room for error if you’re in the middle of it if you show up with all the Caps it’s it’s easier to to believe and uh that you’re a part of that because you showed up with it equally if you’re playing a gangster and you roll in with gangsters it feels the same way whereas um the make-believe stuff feels like frivolous and unintrinsic and like wishy-washy it activates something in me where it feels like I found something it’s a little bit like a band when a band is pushed on you you it doesn’t feel the same way as you finding it when you find it then you root for it it feels like this special thing that you found and you protect it and you hold it and it’s yours when somebody’s selling me on something it somehow takes my it kills the the my aptitude for it and my suspension of disbelief and my yearnings to root for it you know my my whole my opinion about God before this happened before the pain struck before my world had crumbled was Art love and God they all mean the same thing they’re synonymous and as an artist who creates art I found myself in a Godly position often right where I was in charge and I had also been told my whole life like your life is your life you have to make with it what you can you know you got to be a good guy and then you got to get married and then you got to get a house and you got to get a job and do good at your job and like your life is your life and things will work out if you put effort in and you know um it’s up to you and I always really felt that and it made it hard to believe in God because it felt like my managerial skills are what are going to amount to fulfilled existence yeah when all of my designs failed when all of my plans went out the window when my life had led to Serious infliction of pain and damage on other people I threw up my hands like my plans are garbage and I don’t want to be here anymore that’s I guess another thing that I love about Catholicism it takes me out of like all this cognitive um like I have to do this fairy tale make believe and it puts it right there like I can touch it you know I don’t need to wonder whether a saint exists when I’m looking at his heart when I’m looking at his when they’re when you have all these talismans of like what this actual like physical Mana of what was there for a person who’s this caveman as I am in terms of I need a Polaroid picture I need a Polaroid picture of God Catholicism offers it to me old me used to like live on a set you know I would like live in a tank yeah and I’d be living in the tank and like doing all this extra like extra blah blah blah because I was so scared that I wasn’t going to get it right that I didn’t want to leave any room for error I had no faith in anything other than my own will my own efforts and then you get to this set it’s um you can only go so far and then you really do have to have faith because you’re you’re it’s not like you’re um you’re not playing anything you can actually rationalize I had no love in my life I had no purpose in my life my whole purpose as you know was just craft it was just I’m gonna be good at this thing and that’s all that I have the only thing I care about in life is being a good actor and that’s such a vapid shallow existence and three emotions that I toggle between which was I would feel um anxiety depression and excitement and I thought excitement was joy and I thought lack of depression was Serenity peace yeah and I had no spiritual life I had a very I was bankrupt spiritually I thought my whole my whole spirituality was this craft because other than smoking weed and drinking the only spiritual experience I ever felt was on set you know that’s the only time my perspective would shift and change and it’s the only time I ever felt useful and so um I’m on a spiritual growth path I’m on a uh an excavation I’m picking it up cleaning it up putting it back you know you can’t make amends for permanent damage like that you know and so my daughter now has become this opportunity for me you know and every woman in my purview has become an opportunity for me to be like a stand-up dude I used to open doors for women I used to you know I was a good dude that way but it was almost performative it was almost like I’ll do this good thing so you can think I’m a good dude I’m making contact communication little by little you know it’s only been 597 days I’m still at the beginning of this whole journey in my life which is going to be for the rest of my life and um and yeah I go to every single person out in harmed and I try to figure out where I can be of service to their life in any way that’s that’s possible



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  1. Fuck the acting. Dude fucked up. Period. Lost his way. But who hasn't? Nobody is perfect. Very few are close to it. He is trying to make amends and is sober. Love thy neighbor. This helps more people than you think shia. Real recognize real. Chin up. Hug your daughter. Proud of you my dude.

  2. STUD ACTOR!!! . . . . . . the nearly 2hr interview with J.Bernthal was raw & rugged. Shia's a deep, soulful, beautiful dude.
    He was bleeding in front of the camera in so much pain, it was almost as painful to watch.
    I truly hope now that he's found and feels the love of God, the inner-demons that torment and torture him will be a thing of the past.
    As an artist/craftsman and as a young father to his baby girl I wish him much……PEACE—LOVE—-HAPPINESS
    God Bless You Brother
    Love & Respect_________mykey from toronto

  3. Ah yes, very motivational. Such eloquent words from the hollywood huckster himself. How "helpful" of him to lift entire swaths of storytelling and dialogue from other lowley artists and put it in his own films. What considerate man, who is by no means ego-centered at all!

  4. Dude. I too am bankrupt, spiritually. Shia, I hate losing as well. I think everyone does? It is hard when your managerial skills are what are going to amount to a fulfilled existence. When I was 14, I realized I was living in a tank, and I’ve been stuck there ever since. But, as a child, I watched you growing up playing your role in The Even Stevens, and it was synonymous to my life in some ways. I’ll admit I had judged you as a person Shia, but years ago when other people first started to, I felt ashamed that I fed into that gaping hole(cancel culture; originating from paparazzi publishing their lies in magazines, the news, social media, etc) of “oh wow this must be true bc it’s posted on the internet!”. This type of negativity reflects back onto the universe, and we don’t realize it, but inevitably it is destroying our world. That is not who I am going to be anymore today. Today, I am an addict to my own self-destructive thoughts and behaviors(old thought patterns from xyz), and I’m done letting it ruin me like it did for you too. I understand now why you are not on the internet anymore. You’re Just Doing It! Even the smallest decision of putting your phone down just to kill your ego is phenomenal. Thank you for this.