J Cole’s Speech Will Leave You SPEECHLESS — Best Life Advice

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it’s no such thing as overnight nothing there’s no overnight stick it ain’t no overnight success no overnight Sensations [Applause] that thing that you’re looking at that looks like an overnight success is not real it’s gonna go away real [ __ ] fast because it ain’t got no Foundation Instead This is why I say that if you go directly from zero to 100 with anything in life what you’re doing to yourself you don’t realize what you’re doing but you’re doing it what you’re doing to yourself is you’re robbing yourself of the journey that’s where all the magic is at the experience of the [ __ ] Journey that’s why all the beautiful [ __ ] takes place it’s only it’s on the way there today when you get there it’s getting there that’s the beautiful part so if you go directly from zero to 100 Toronto that means you missing out on 27. you just skipping 27. the 27 feel pretty good when you finally get to 27. there you go for 27 you get to 32 then you go to 45. then you get to 70 something you like damn [ __ ] I remember when I was at zero my life is just mad routine at this point and I like it so to go shoot a video to shoot a doc to even just come downstairs and do this yeah I swear to God bro I swear yo that’s the level of like Comfort slash laziness that I’ve like I’ve reached in my life I had to make a real decision are you okay we’re getting comfortable chilling mailing it in waiting around on inspiration if this is as high as you ever got not Career Success wise but from a skill level like have you wrote your best song did you leave no stone unturned creatively and when I thought about that feeling I was like nah I’m not cool like when you start meditating that’s supposed to happen all it’s showing you is that and all it’s showing me and showing all of us is that like I’m not in control I’m letting my mind like run the show which is fine [Music] I don’t want that to happen for myself you know I mean I don’t want to be like a slave to my thoughts yes you know what I mean like I don’t want to and and I feel like that’s how I’ve been living my life yeah being like a slave to like my thoughts and 98 of my thoughts ain’t even my thoughts it’s something I seen on Twitter heard on TV something my mom told me when I was younger something somebody else said so these thoughts are like fears and worries or like just ideas from other people and it’s like that stuff is controlling me uncomfortable moments you find out a lot about yourself and usually you find out that you’re capable of rising to that bar that’s set by that uncomfortable situation so what’s something I could do yo when somebody bring you a feature say yes I was looking at it like an opportunity for growth do you really want to look back and be like you didn’t work with nobody you didn’t have no songs and nobody that you just cool with that no okay so start saying yes some features similarly it was like that with letting people know yo the off-season it’s a boy fall off is coming it’s like yo now that the possibility of not doing this [ __ ] seems real and I’m at peace with that don’t have a regret there’s a mentality that I had that was never shaken and it was quiet it wasn’t outspoken it was a quiet it was all in here so the minute where that changes you know what I mean and now I’m dealing with a mindset that I never had to deal with before was like fighting all these negative thoughts that’s the dark place I’m talking about like self-confidence kind of shattered you know what I mean and like trying to fight against that I’m writing my way out of it you know what I mean and just just this whole album was writing my way out of that place because I had never had to deal with that before like I was a you know I mean I was a happy kid I wasn’t like a down kid like I observed life and I saw like it was positives and negatives but I wasn’t like a depressed child you know I mean so when I had to deal with that type of my estate I wasn’t speaking on it so then when I tell people like yo you know I was up for this whole album like you know I was like like doubting myself this whole time [ __ ] like what you serious but it was real to me I was like be like yo pressure is real man that’s why people jump off of buildings man like it just ended it doesn’t matter what’s what the story was behind the pressure pressure is pressure LeBron James had pressure he makes millions of dollars but when he wasn’t one of them sips please believe he was stressed had to be because that pressure is is real and sometimes the pressure is so strong you can’t even see what you got in front of you which is like you can see you can’t see that like you got a real life in front of you got friends that love you family love you kids and love you but you’re just so worried about this that it dominates all your thoughts and it now interferes with your life and that’s when people end it we got college students that ended just because it was depression the competitive nature of school was too much for them to take and we know like yo it’s just college man you know what I mean you’ll be all right but press it feels the same no matter what situation you’re in it’s too because I basically State my intentions like ass for like guidance like y’all know these words these people pay hard-earned money yeah to come to this show let me nail everything let me try things I haven’t done before that’s a prayer like I’m asking for like guidance and like help in that area the meditation for me is more like being present I’m not trying to think anything I’m not praying about anything I’m just still observing so if my mind is racing and it might be nerves or it might be there’s a bill due or it might be this is happening in a family I’m noticing it and I’m trying to let it go slow Let It Go but also not fight it bring my attention back to like my breathing something that’s currently happening the sound of that fan huh I just listen and try to like focus on that and what you’ll notice is like your my mind will start going to something else like oh my mom said something on the phone boom and I’ll start thinking about that and I might go on a 30-second trip on that thought and then I catch it like oh look what just happened it’s fine let me bring my attention back to that fan something that’s like present moment and like that I want to become a person that does that every day not just when like I feel anxiety or I feel stressed because I I’m like yo I see what it does for me in those moments when like things are like stressful or like I’m feeling anxious it settles me it brings me like back to the current moment I can’t imagine what it would do for me if you did it every day on a Tuesday in the crib you know I mean like somebody in this building show up in your life that’s all you ever think about is what you want to do can’t wait to manifest that’s your favorite word girl can’t wait to manifest manifestation and some days you get a little down a little depressing because it just ain’t happening fast enough for you when they’re like damn is this [ __ ] ever gonna come you get frustrated I’m gonna tell you like this Toronto if this message applies to you do not [ __ ] quit whatever you do don’t stop don’t do that don’t get it you’ll regret that [ __ ] forever do not stop this [ __ ] don’t happen overnight this is a step-by-step process so you got to put one foot in front of the other that’s how this should work that’s how it goes I don’t give a [ __ ] even if somebody in this building right now had the magical ability to just snap their fingers and take you from zero to a hundred so when they snap their fingers when you wake up tomorrow in the morning everything you ever wanted in this world is gonna be right there when you wake up even if somebody could do that I promise you Toronto you do not want it like that you don’t want it like that [Applause]



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