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Albert Einstein once said success is built on failures don’t be discouraged by them but learn from them great success often comes from taking that one small step forward when everyone else is too afraid to even try have you asked yourself why few people achieve great success but we cannot achieve success in life what qualities do they have is there anything magical about success or what they say to themselves yes in this video I am going to reveal five things that every successful person always says to themselves and if you follow this you are also surely going to be the best version of yourself and also successful number one I am the best Thomas Edison invented the light bulb he didn’t invent it on his first attempt in fact he failed over a thousand times before he made a light bulb that actually worked but here’s the kicker he never said I’m a failure no he believed he was the best at what he was doing every time he found a way that didn’t work he saw it as a step closer to success he did not see it as a failure So when you say I am the best it’s not about bragging or thinking you’re better than others it’s about believing in yourself like Edison did it’s saying I might not get it right the first time but I’m not going to stop trying because I know I’ve got something great inside me so every morning look in the mirror and say I am the best not because you’re perfect but because you’re constantly evolving learning and not giving up that’s what makes you the best version of yourself remember every day is a chance to learn something new to get a step closer to your goals and to light up your world number two I can do it every big Journey starts with a small step it’s like when you’re trying to finish a big puzzle at first all those pieces scattered everywhere seemed like they’d never fit together but piece by piece you start figuring it out when you say I can do it it’s like telling yourself yes this is hard yes I might not get it right away but I’m not going to give up until I am successful it’s about not letting the fear of losing stop you from working hard whether it’s getting better at a sport a career or even standing up in front of the class to give a presentation it all starts with believing in yourself next time when you feel something something is too big to handle break it down into small steps tell yourself I can do it and just start once you do you’ll notice that things get a bit easier with each step you take and remember it’s okay to fail what’s important is that you’re trying and moving forward each attempt teaches you something new and makes you smarter and stronger for the next round keep that mindset and soon enough you’ll be looking back amazed at how far you have come number three God is always with me believing in a higher power or having faith in something greater than yourself can provide a strong sense of comfort and guidance in life when you say God is always with it’s a reminder that you’re not alone in your journey it’s like having a supportive friend who’s got your back no matter what Nelson man is a great example he endured 27 years in prison he believed in greater power he never gave up his fight so when life throws curve balls at you remember that you’re not carrying the burden all by yourself you can lean on your faith to help you navigate through the ups and downs this belief can provide you with the courage to keep going even when things seem tough so embrace the idea that God is always with you supporting and guiding you through the Journey of life it’s a source of inspiration and strength that can help you overcome obstacles and stay positive as you move forward number four I am the winner winning isn’t always about coming first in a race or a competition it’s about having the mindset of a winner think about Serena Williams she is a legendary tennis player she didn’t become one of the greatest athletes in history by always winning every match she faced defeats and setbacks along the way but what set her apart was her unshakable belief in her abilities and her Relentless determination to keep improving when you say I am the winner it’s not about always getting your way but about having the determination to keep pushing forward no matter what life is full of challenges and sometimes you might face setbacks but winners are those who never give up they learn from their failures and keep going until they achieve their goals so adopt the mindset that you are a winner it means you have the strength and resilience to face any obstacle that comes your way even when things get tough keep believing in yourself and your abilities with that winning attitude you can overcome challenges and achieve the success you’re striving for number five this is my day each day is a new opportunity it is a fresh start waiting for you to make the most of it when you say this is my day you’re declaring that today is the day you take control and make things happen think about people like Oprah Winfrey she started with humble beginning and faced numerous challenges but she approached each day with the mindset that it was her day to make a difference she believed in the power of today and that belief propelled her to become one of the most influential figures in media and entertainment when you wake up in the morning and declare this is my day you’re setting a positive tone for the hours ahead it means you’re ready to seize opportunities tackle challenges es and work towards your goals it’s a reminder to be present and make the most of every moment because today is the building block for your future so as you start your day remember that each day is a chance to make progress to be a little better than you were yesterday and to move closer to your dreams embrace the day with enthusiasm and determination and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish now listen carefully only watching motivational videos will not make you successful it requires hard work and commitment I want you to leave a comment in the comment section declare I am going to take control of my life no matter how hard it is I’m going to face the challenges and hardships but finally I will evolve and Achieve great success in life at any cost I will make myself proud



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  1. I am going to take control of my life no matter how hard it is. I am going to face the challenges and hardships. But finally, I will evolve and achieve great success in life at any cost. I will make myself proud.