Kevin Gates’ Life Advice Leaves the Crowd SPEECHLESS (MUST WATCH)

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some lessons are better lived than learned pain is the greatest motivator correct and experience is the greatest teacher the hardest thing is can you come out here from nothing and be greater than what you was before legitimately like legitimately can you legitimately be the greatest version of yourself and it’s so easy to revert back to Old Habits I just like to be around peace and if you’ve went through and experienced as much pain as I have I’ve been through a tremendous amounts of pain physically mentally spiritually I’ve been through hell in order to appreciate and understand great peace you have to have went through and experience great pain and if my heart not telling me do it I’m not gonna do it I believe that the key to happiness is self-accountability every day that I woke up with breath in my body was the opportunity to change my life because it starts inside it doesn’t start outside energy is my first language it’s gonna always be the end the times that I did not here to what my heart chakra my inside so to say was telling me people say your gut feeling the times that I didn’t adhere to those type of things I always suffered the consequences and through that suffering that was a lesson and the lesson learned was I needed to pay more attention to me pay more attention to the energy I’m on the journey now learning to love a stranger that was once myself because everything I did was detrimental to me so I hated myself I didn’t love myself even the people I allowed myself to be around you ever had a conversation with somebody that need you strained all the life out of you you wasn’t protecting your energy protecting your energy is not a crime if I don’t like you I’ma stay away from you I put positive energy into my body because the world beat us up all day we got to give us our ourselves some positive reinforcement like heartbreak is very very real and like if you a man I’m really most speaking of me ain’t nothing wrong with crying that is how we heal that is how we release when people start loving themselves the world changes because I see me and you you see yourself in me we see ourselves in each other because we love ourselves we’re not just loving the people in our household right so that’s what make it beautiful I want to see what can I gain from this situation as opposed to blend my ego lead like I I just had to learn how to kill my ego because I don’t never want my ego to go before me I want to operate out of love life is a context but and I use that I associate that same willpower with what I do now my hustle it’s Relentless I’m not gonna stop I took a lot of losses to get where I’m at you know what I’m saying I took a lot of losses I watched the movie and he said why do we fall Bruce so we can learn to pick ourselves back up I respect the heart I respect the Integrity I respect the morals and the principles of an individual what is success what is your measure of success my measure of success is me being able to do whatever I want to whenever I want to Freedom is not you being free freedom is you being free in your mind and your heart and your spirit which is really a privilege for you to be free being your authentic self is beautiful right and that’s the greatest Freedom that I learned and I learned that comparison was the killer of all joy because I’m comparing my life to other people’s High Life films or the elixir of life it does start with meditation you ever went to sleep and woke up tired the mind was never quieted the mind never received true risk and I ain’t trying to sound like no philosopher no profit or nothing but I’m not happy but I am at peace right now I’m to my pure Peace A lot of people can’t be alone with themselves they can’t right I can be alone with myself I don’t need to talk to nobody and nothing I can talk to myself and figure it out a lot of people don’t want to face themselves right and that’s an Act of Valor that’s commendable because through isolation is where we reach elevation that’s when most of my opinion is happening when I’m alone so I commend you on that like that’s beautiful that’s where my ideas come in my solitude when I’m working up yeah oh yeah and I talk to myself out loud yeah I know if people be like I used to be like man I know I’m weird but then I read that all Geniuses talk to themselves like I asked myself questions I talk to myself yeah when we get outside of our spiritual belief system and we adopt the ways of others we suffer the same demise as those people that we adopt their ways whoever they are I think being a skeptic is a beautiful thing because being a skeptic makes you investigate it makes you ask why and when you ask why that’s how you get the truth you have to ask why so being a skeptic is not a bad thing you know like I say the knowledge is powerful great knowledge in the hands of a fool would be self-destruction and I just I’m not about to give all that away with great wisdom comes great grief the wisdom was worth more than gold and fine silver but because by wisdom all things could be obtained I don’t know about anyone else but the worst thing a man could be is a call to his own self and I’m just big on respect that’s why I give so much respect and I don’t place myself in environments where it could be challenged I love you but I love me more I’m on my Mission I know my mission though and I fell in love with that mission when a man meets his mission he and his mission become one I’ve just found a way to deal with depression in a way that makes me happy right as far as finding my gratitude when you always living to please others you’re gonna always be in a constant state of depression because you never doing nothing for you when you start doing things for you to make you happy then you can make somebody else happy because you’re happy I believe that you either learn faster you die young you know in a room full of clowns man I can’t be part of the circus man would you entertain a clone you become part of the circle it’s not a it’s not a race right it’s not a destination it’s a journey it’s your life it’s about feeling good I always knew who I was I always knew what I was and if I did anything I took full responsibility for what I did no matter what they’re good or bad I took the full responsibility for it and I understand that this is what I signed up for I enlisted for this I always knew what I was and who I was and I know what my job is and I always ran from it I am now fulfilling my purpose now this the things that you don’t want to do that’d be the best things for you the days I don’t want to go to the gym that’s the days I have my best workout I wish they had a magic button if you don’t work you don’t eat if you don’t grind you don’t shine Roger Kipling said to thine own self be true and that is the greatest reality so if you skateboarder you ride BMX bikes or dirt bikes or whatever you into that is the real you if you’re not afraid to be who you are that is the real you you are only a victim of the energy that you project I prepared night to have a great morning I don’t just get up and Freestyle right like at night time I already know what I’m probably gonna wear in the morning some workout clothes I’m gonna take me a cold shower I’m gonna drink me some hot water key lines I’m gonna pray do my stretches I go to the gym I do my core I do my cardio full bite of everything and they just make my ages beautiful whatever your process is sometimes I listen to the nature sounds or the rain that’s recovery also for the body I do that and in the morning I’d never get on my phone I go straight and get the hard part and I do my workout first my therapy I do things that’s going to give me energy I can get that done first right then I start my day



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  1. Thanks Kevin!!! Show us the gates of knowledge and wisdom!!! Speak that truth!!! In currently struggling my ass of to break a cycle and Iโ€™m on my 4th day of conquering these demons!!! ADVERSITY BUILDS CHARACTER!!!!!!

  2. this is very beautiful and i love this itโ€™s so hard to be yourself when people say youโ€™ve lost your mind. Iโ€™m so grateful to go through the dark and overcome alcohol. I love this so much! I refuse to conform in this universe

  3. โค Nobody scarier than a man walking by himself rapping out loud. THAT'S WHY U THE MAN , u picked my spirit right back up I was starting to fall for people that just want to use me an take advantage of my heart thank u Kevin now my mind is reset an ready to go another year

  4. He speak real facts about life and mental health awareness I deal with my dad death it was tragic he was pend under a car for hours and was found dead .I'm learning how to find ways to deal with it and gates โคโคโคโคโค inspiration gives me hope to fight another day.โคโคโคi started a channel on mental health awareness myself i deal with depression and PTSD i learned how to deal with it without medication it was a struggle to learn how to do that but you can overcome anything if put your mind to it .โคโคโคโคโคโคdistract yourself by finding what you love to do.

  5. I listen to the school every single day morning noon and night
    Truthfully these quotes are my inspiration I'm the young lady from New Orleans been homeless been raped even have been pimp. I've been in abusive relationship I was on drugs just saying if it wasn't for these words that Kevin's speaking he give me the inspiration in the pride of knowing I can get my children back and I can recover these drugs off this truck thank you so much keep your motivation up hopefully one day I can actually a ladylike dreka a Kevin I've noticed we both went to huge ChalleNGe program first sergeants app