Lewis Hamilton Leaves the Audience SPEECHLESS — One of the Best Motivational Speeches Ever

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I mean I grew up in my dad’s couch and in a normal Council estate and it was a weekend hobby for me and my dad we kind of stumbled across it we started racing RC cars when I was four right and he thought I had really good hand to White coordination so he bought me a go-kart it was really old from a newspaper and we arrived at the track for the first time we were not welcome we were the only first the only black people there right and um you know and it was very very expensive so my dad had four jobs just to keep us going he was going to London doing his normal job which was I.T at railroad railroad station and then he’ll come home it’d be enough for sales signs vending machines anything he could find a little bit of cash too because it’s so expensive with my dad well my dad didn’t want to want us to do is to struggle as he did he’s from Grenada came to London and you know strugged really um finding money finding a good job so he’s like I don’t want my my kids to struggle like I have so he worked to the Bone to create an opportunity for us we dreamed of this as you know when we were young and when I was young when we were watching the Grand Prix and this is way way beyond our dreams and I think it’s so important for kids out there to hopefully see this and know that no one’s don’t listen to anybody that tells you you can’t achieve something extremely impossible and speak it into existence and you’ve got to work for it you’ve got to chase it and you’ve got to never give up and never doubt yourself I’ve never struggled for motivation in the sense of all I can do I can’t I can’t they’re doing and there’s no point worrying or thinking about what they may or may not mean all I can do is try and focus on you know inwards and try to focus on being the best that I can be what is my potential how can I be more positive how can I be have more energy how can I be healthy how can I be a better person to be around a better person to work with so you know I think about all these kind of things you know naturally I I have that question and that sometimes that feeling on with other things um no I’m not always the most positive person in the United I try everything but there’s you know things you try and you you keep failing and you’re like damn I suck and I could be really negative for a moment and I’m like oh keep going keep going so I still have the willpower to get past that that wall that hits me in the face but when it comes to driving I I literally I’ve done it my whole life and that’s the thing it’s given me so much confidence um I get in the car put this helmet on and I’m able to be whoever I want to be I can be Superman under that helmet if I want to be you know and um you know generally when I was at school I was I was relatively and I was bullied at school I was I was a little kid and I and really know about a big kid so I was very very much within my cocoon whatever you want to say you know in my own space it’s very quiet but when I get in the car I was able to put out my elbows and stand up for myself and then eventually I Got Confidence I was able to help you know stand up for others because I went to karate and I got black belt I could whoop someone’s butt which was amazing so um yeah but I’ve never doubted myself in that and I don’t doubt myself I think it’s naturally it’s much much easier to learn because there’s more to learn when you have failures that’s really where the growth comes from the biggest growth comes from but there are still ways you’ve got to find ways of growing from the success but I think that’s much part of our working ethic you know we’ve had winds come straight back we do our debrief and we don’t skip anything um I’ve tried to be as critical and positive criticism both on the car on the team’s performance but in also in mind and it’s you’ve got to be as honest as you can be so I go away usually um and over the next few days I’m looking over the race results looking at um data I’m looking at because I know in the race where I could have done better it could be look at Lane entry it could be exiting the pit box it could be your qualifying lap not maximizing it could be mistakes and time you’ve lost through the rates because ultimately you just you’re always chasing time and you don’t like losing time during the rest so there’s there are so many areas and you’re chasing for Perfection and so there’s not been a single race that’s been perfect there’s been times where it’s been really close and it’s a great feeling when you feel close be like still not there so I’ve got more if you look around me personally there’s people that are on their social media all day every day looking at my phone and forgetting the rest of the world and not taking time to see a sunset not taking time to see the beautiful trees or whatever it is you know so I’m trying to always find a balance um and mentally it’s really about ultimately feeling good about yourself is about finding a way to to make sure you love yourself you have to really have to love yourself be comfortable and go so I’ve been really spending time trying to again just take time for me making sure that I appreciate me I appreciate you know acknowledging things that you do well acknowledging also when you fail and you don’t do it so great it’s okay and not being so hard on yourself all these different things you know I have days I wake up and feel groggy I don’t feel motivated to work out I don’t feel like geez where are we going what is what’s next dude should I continue racing I think all these different things and then I might dare it and then there’ll be another you know the next hour or whatever it passes I’m like damn I love what I do why would I ever consider not continuing um but as I said you just got to keep your mind occupied so look I mean life is a struggle and I think um I think every day is not it there’s there’s failure it’s kind of there’s always an opportunity there’s potential for failure and I feel like we limit ourselves as human beings I feel like we’ve got to be taking risks um don’t fear embarrassment um don’t fear any hardships you know if you don’t if you don’t try if you don’t fail you’ll never know what your limits are right you’ll you’ll be limiting yourself most of the times believing in yourself is is one of the I think that’s probably been personally one of the most important parts there’s definitely days where I feel like a failure there’s believe it or not I feel like a failure I feel like I’m not good enough there’s days where um I don’t like the way you look or the way you dress whatever it may be but believing in yourself learning to love yourself yeah and just not giving up you know that’s just never giving up so I think that’s really believing in myself is really what’s enabled me to be to do what I do on track and then standing up for what I believe in and just going with your heart



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  1. The problem with Hamilton is that he did what Tiger woods did to Golf the only bloody black fella in a very rich white man's sport, and he becomes the greatest ever sportsman that's ever lived.

  2. Lewis inspired me to work hard and achieve my dreams. My appreciation for Lewis increases day by day. Thank u Sir Lewis Hamilton. Continue being the best u are!!!!

  3. I used to hate Lewis Hamilton but when I started to push myself to be a better version, this "keep pushing"-thing he keeps saying started to stick around and gave me completely new appreciation for Hamilton

  4. Theres it more to learn, when you have failures, thats really where the growth comes from and also growing from success, its all working ethic!
    Dont fear hardships and failing or embarrassment, if you dont try and fail you never know your feelings! Believe in yourself, there are days you feel like sh*t, how you are but believe in yourself and love yourself and NEVER GIVING UP!