Make her Desperately MISS YOU | dark PSYCHOLOGY for Make ANYONE ATTRACT TO YOU

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how often have you caught yourself constantly checking your phone hoping for a message from someone special but they never thought about or cared about you however there are a few psychological tricks that will make them truly miss you and think about you when you’re not around them and eventually they will be desperate to see you again okay now let me give these seven pieces of advice rule number one don’t always be on their line if you’re always texting them or constantly calling them then you are a simp you don’t have any goals or purposes in life you’re not giving them any space to miss you if you eat the same thing each time soon you are going to be tired of this the same goes for people when you’re always available there’s zero chance for them to feel your absence human brains are wired to Crave what isn’t readily available humans always want things that have high value by not being constantly available you’re sparking their curiosity and making them wonder about you overdoing it with texts and calls means you are desperate for them and that’s not attractive remember people are drawn to what seems slightly Out Of Reach your absence makes them Ponder what you’re up to and that’s when they start missing the laughter the conversations and all the good time so stop the constant contact this isn’t about ignoring them or playing mind games it’s about showing that you’ve got your own life and they’re not the center of your Universe give them room to breathe this space will be filled with thoughts of you and that’s when they’ll start to miss you wait for them to come to you sometimes it’s not about being hard to get it’s about being worth the wait rule number two spark the Flames of jealousy while jealousy is often seen as a negative emotion when used strategically it can be a powerful tool in making someone miss you now this doesn’t mean intentionally trying to hurt or manipulate the other person but rather subtly igniting feelings of longing and desire one effective way to do this is by showcasing your soul social life and interactions with others when they see you enjoying yourself and engaging with different people it can trigger a sense of jealousy and make them realize what they might be missing out on for example share stories or photos from social Gatherings or outings with friends but do so in a way that feels natural and authentic let them see that you’re living a vibrant and exciting life and that their absence is noticeable in the midst of it all by triggering a healthy dose of jealousy you create a sense of urgency and longing within them making them yearn for your presence and attention just remember to tread carefully and always prioritize respect and empathy in your action rule number three don’t give in to attention bait when they simply send you an emoji or text you hello if you reply super fast every time it’s like you’re just sitting around waiting for them to notice you you are waiting for their text they will lose interest easily and you will become less valuable in their eyes the human brain doesn’t value what can be achieved easily but if you do not give them your attention they will work harder to get your priority after a while they’ll think that’s all they need to do to keep you interested so next time they send you one of those casual messages don’t rush to reply take your time it shows you that you have your dreams and purpose in life and that you’re not just waiting around for them this isn’t about playing hard to get it’s about showing you’re not just sitting by the phone all day when you don’t jump at every message it makes your attention seem more valuable it makes them work a bit harder to catch your interest and that’s when they start to Value it more rule number four show your complete self when you’re in a relationship or trying to make someone miss you it’s crucial to show that you’re a complete individual even without them your life should be fulfilling and exciting on its own terms when you show that you have your own passions hobbies and goals it makes you more attractive and intriguing when someone sees that you’re content and thriving in your own world they’re more likely to miss being a part of it this doesn’t mean you should ignore them or act indifferent instead it’s about maintaining a healthy balance between your life and your interactions with others so focus on your personal growth and happiness pursue your interests spend time with friends and family and invest in your career or educ ation let them see that you’re not dependent on them for your happiness or fulfillment when they realize that you’re living a fulfilling life they’ll start to miss being a part of it and Crave Your Presence even more rule number five cultivate an air of mystery maintaining a sense of mystery about yourself can be incredibly enticing it’s Human Nature nature to be curious and when someone can’t quite figure you out it makes them think about you more if you’re an open book there’s nothing left to discover and the Allure Fades away but when you reveal yourself slowly in layers it keeps them engaged and wanting to know more instead of spilling every detail about your life hold back a little share just enough to Peak their interest but leave them wondering about the rest when you’re not overly transparent about everything you do where you go or who you’re with it creates a puzzle they’re eager to solve for instance if you had an interesting day instead of narrating every detail you might say had such an unexpected adventure today and leave it at that this invites questions and Sparks a conversation rather than laying everything out UPF front by cultivating an air of mystery you become like a book they can’t put down with each chapter making them more intrigued this not only keeps you on their mind but also makes your interactions more exciting and rewarding rule number six leave them wanting more every interaction you have should leave them looking forward to the next one this means knowing when to end conversations on a high note and not letting things get boring it’s about quality not quantity when you leave an interaction at its peak you create a memorable moment that they’ll want to experience again for instance if you’re having a great conversation it might be tempting to keep it going as long as possible but if you end it while it’s still engaging with a promise of more to come it leaves them with a sense of anticipation you become like a favorite TV show that ends on a clip Cliffhanger they can’t wait for the next episode instead of stretching the date until you run out of things to do or say say goodbye this makes them eager to see you again and keep you on their mind long after you’ve said goodbye by mastering the art of leaving them wanting more you ensure that you’re never taken for granted your presence becomes a treat they’re always excited to indulge in enhancing their desire and making them miss you you whenever you’re not around rule number seven be charismatic and confident Charisma and confidence are magnetic qualities that draw people towards you and make them Crave Your Presence when you’re not around these traits are not about being overly bold or dominant but about showing comfort in your own skin and expressing yourself genuinely when you’re confident you naturally exude an aura that makes others feel good around you and makes your absence feel more profound but how do you build Charisma Charisma often comes from making others feel valued and understood not just from being the center of attention when you leave a conversation people should feel better for having interacted with you let them associate you with positive feelings and experiences confidence on the other hand is about believing in your own worth and abilities without needing constant validation from others this doesn’t mean you won’t have insecurities or doubts but rather that you won’t let them dominate your interactions confidence can be shown through your body language how you handle challenges and your willingness to step out of your comfort zone by being charismatic and confident you create a memorable impact on those around you people are naturally drawn to those who are comfortable with themselves and make others feel good this Allure doesn’t fade when you’re not around instead it leaves a lasting impression that makes people miss your energy and presence eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to be in your company and that wraps up our journey into the subtle art of making someone truly miss you remember these strategies are about enhancing your own life and creating genuine connections not about manipulation if you found value in our discussion today please give this video a thumbs up and share it with someone who might benefit from it don’t forget to subscribe for more insights into human psychology and relationships your support helps us create more content like this until next time focus on being your best self and watch the world gravitate towards you take care



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  1. This is the ultimate takeaway: make big goals and work toward them. Women are not the center of your life. They are a complement, like gravy to your mashed potatoes. You have to train your mind to stop placing them on such a high pedestal. Love comes and goes. It's a beautiful part of life, but there is more to life than just that.

    Some women are beautiful, but should not be pursued at all. The key is having high standards and making sure she lives up to them – NOT the other way around. Don't be someone you're not. Take her on a date and ask her questions. But don't ask her questions just to listen and seem attentive. Ask her questions to gauge her state of mind and emotions. If she doesn't seem like someone who will make you happy, start raising red flags and ask yourself if she's someone who would really be a complement to your life.

    Life is not easy and it's not fair. The temptation of wanting to chase a beautiful woman needs to be reigned in. And this starts with you putting your own life first before anyone else's.

  2. Idk how people have time to play all these mind games. I’m very straight forward I show you and tell you that I’m interested, we go on date I treat you with respect/kindness and all of that after 2 to 3 dates if you ain’t make up your mind and keep playing games am jumping into the next one. I really don’t have time to be anxious and wonder what’s going on week in week out.

  3. Pro tip: don't play stupid mind games. If a person doesn't understand why a Ferrari is more expensive than a kia, then you need to move on. You my friend, are a Ferrari. 😎

  4. My sweet sweeeeeet STEPMOM passed away from Cancer, bacterial meningitis, lungs infection, kidney failure, fits,strokes internal bleeding and finally heart failure. She was only 48 year old ,but I know she’s in Heaven!!! She wasn’t just my mom, but my best friend. Please pray for her.

  5. Sober dating is ridiculous. Back in my day, all you needed was a party, lots of alcohol, take a woman home, wake up the next day….give a few days, call her, ask her out to Mexican food – Re-enter drinks, re-enter sex…rinse wash and repeat with the same girl (if she was worth it)….it was like surfing….you had to do some work – of course, but when the surf was up, you can catch a wave for sure….now you have to be a F'n Jedi Knight….because the alcohol is out of the picture.


  7. Cool video, My relationship of 5 years ended a month ago. The love of my life decided to move on, I really loved her so much i can’t stop thinking about her and the memories we shared. I’ve tried my very best to get her back in my life, but to no avail. I’m frustrated, and i don’t see my life with anyone else. I’ve done my best to get rid of the thoughts, but i can’t. I don’t know why I’m saying this here, but i really miss her and i wish i could get her back.

  8. Don’t let them feel you are ignoring just tell them you got things to do in your own life but when they are seeking attention from you even just a little then give them Best 30 min of their life and then go away doing things in your life they’ll believe that you keep improve yourself and even just a little but your time is worthy and they keep asking for that 30 min everytime but don’t get flattered by that still hold your ground and stick to yourself…!💪

  9. Baby iam here humming bird 🐦 the bird that you know that make mischavious sound at night you know that you or the one I Johnny Knoxville Tennessee true love and belong to you carry me home miss Knoxville Tennessee that we both can see the light going true the melting 🌞 sun set true the sky center line