Muhammad Ali’s Speech Will Leave You SPEECHLESS — Best Life Advice

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well I representing my confidence I am the greatest I cannot lose I’m pretty and every man believes he’s the greatest every man would like to be the greatest men and want to say this but they feared and they see this in myself with some hate me before and some love missile [Music] do you have a bodyguard no you don’t I got one bodyguard he has no eyes though he sees he has no ears though he hears he remembers everything with the aid of my amendment when he wishes to create a thing he just orders it to be and it comes into existence that’s God he’s my buddy guy he’s your bodyguard he’s the Supreme what would you like people to think about you when you’ve gone I’d like for them to say he took a few cups of love he took one tablespoon of patience one teaspoon of generosity one pint of kindness he took one quart of laughter one pinch of concern and then he mixed willingness what happened is he added lots of faith and he stirred it up well then he spreaded over a span of a lifetime and he served it to each and every deserving person he met I studied life I studied people and I’m educated on this but when it comes to reading and writing I’m not I may be illiterate in that but when it comes to Common Sense when it comes to feelings when it comes to love compassion her heart for people then I I’m rich I wrote something once it says where is man’s wealth his wealth is in his knowledge for his wealth was in the bank and not in his knowledge then he don’t possess it because it’s in the bank you know my wealth is in my knowledge if I’m a spokesman for my people and I want to represent my people and I don’t want to be a bad representative I can’t be blind because the blind leader blind they all fall in the ditch no I want to say something right here you all might this might make you all think life is not really long let’s say the average person 30 years old if you’re 30 years old you would not been about seven years old how can I prove it add up all the seven eight nine hours you slept for 30 years out of 30 years out of all the nights last night when you went to bed and woke up this morning you don’t remember a thing you’ve been unconscious for about eight years if you’re 30 years old you slept about eight years okay how much traveling have you done in 30 years and the television station to home to another country it’s another city to school to church you’ve probably traveled two years your life has been just getting back and forth to where you’re going so there’s eight years of sleeping two years of traveling there’s 30 years out of your life before you accomplish anything how long do you sit in school in America we stay in school from the first grade to 12th grade six hours a day for 12 years break it down you set in a classroom for three years without leaving okay two years of traveling eight years of sleeping three years of school how many movies have you went to how many wrestling matches how much entertainment how many movie theaters live plays baseball games probably two years of entertainment so by the time a man you older people know him bear with us I’m saying by the time you have children by the time you have uh made a way for your children by the time you’ve paid for your home you pushing 60 years old so life is real short see I lead that’s the only thing about our league when you were watching Ali get beaten up as an old man even that was a young kid he’s not gonna quit you got to kill him he won’t quit even he’s gonna be up every round getting kicked out of my life at home it’s a champ no come on let me out come on out they wouldn’t stop he had to be he would have to stay up in his take the beating like a man he wouldn’t quit and the way I respect the guy like that so much I have so much admiration for a guy like that so much but it’s just not right to be that way as a human being this is over I come back and fight another day else you got me you know and listen um I always like to think I’m a bad if I don’t give a f but I’m that’s a part of our lead that’s where he overshines me because I can’t understand the man that’s willing to just really die for this you know and I talked but he did why does it make you emotional is he told by him or a relation to you me me um I leave the giant there’s no other buddies can match you he’ll die for this die I’m not gonna die for that everybody has a purpose in life everybody has a Destiny and the knowledge of that Destiny enables one to fulfill it see so everything was put here for purpose ants buzzards trees and it’s the knowing of that purpose that enables every man to fulfill it and uh and life begins when a person realizes his purpose in life with very few people uh know how to go about finding what’s the best purpose in their life that they should try to fulfill and mine was just to be the World Heavyweight Champion and then also not only been the champion but keeping my dignity my pride and my manhood not Uncle Thomas as they say selling out my people just for the white man’s dollar so this is my purpose to go down as the one the first one just about to go all out and all the way and being clean with the sport and and not represent nothing like tobacco and whiskey and various commercials and stand with my people and representing everybody at the same time not just owning my own marrying my own kind and socializing with my own kind but I belong to the world as far as being the champion but I’ll let it be known that I am black and I will always be black and with black even if I mean give up all the money and everything that I can be offered from boxing my head got big and I started thinking it was my training camp and my boxing ability that kept me where I was at and God punished me and he gave me a good whooping he broke my joy in a second fight and he got me whooped and knocked down in the freezer fight and I realized I wasn’t that great after all so I had to get not only together physically but spiritually for this fight I prayed every day for five days five times a day for the past uh uh four months and everything is perfect and if Allah is with me it ain’t no way no man can win no way cause I’m representing God I’m representing the freedom of black people in America I want to be the one black man who stands up and look at white people and tell the truth who don’t sell them out who don’t uncle Dom who don’t promote cigarettes don’t promote risky take his Fame to uplift his little brother in the ghetto how do we treat each other how do we help each other so I’m gonna dedicate my life to using my name in popularity helping Charities helping people uniting people bringing people bombing each other because of religious beliefs we need somebody in the world to help us or make peace so when I die if there’s a heaven I want to see it because we live hello 80 years the odds are everybody in this room some of you gonna be dead 20 years from now some of you gonna be dead 50 years from now some are going to be dead 30 and someone will be there six to 70 years ago we all gonna die soon and if you live to be say a 125 years old which we don’t do right let’s say we live to be 250 and you can have sex for 145 of those years you’re going to come to end after that so we don’t have it about 80 years on Earth this is a test to see where will we spend our life in heaven hell this is not the life now your real self is inside you your body gets old some of you go to look at the fridge you’ll go you don’t have no teeth your hair is leaving you your bodies get tired but your soul and your spirit never die that’s gonna live forever so your body is just housing your soul and spirit so God is testing us on how we treat each other how we live to see where our real home be in heaven so this physical stuff don’t last for so long so my car this building is going to be here when the man who built a dead there have been many kings and queens of England they’re all dead after this one is gone another one will come so we don’t stay here we’re just trustees we don’t own nothing so what am I saying the most important thing about life is what’s going to happen when you die



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  1. Ali was one of a kind. A great man and tge greatest boxer of all time. I hope he's enjoying his life in heaven and comes to visit earth again someday. We need more people like him.

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    … Ki.

  3. I am happy 😁 and grateful to God for everything 🙏❤️💯.
    I happy 😁 and grateful to God for being connected to the great and amazing people here on Earth 🌍💕😮.
    I am ready to spread 💞 all over the World 🌎.
    It's done and possible 💪.
    It's my turn to change the lives of humanity 🙏🙌🙏❤️💯.
    To God be the Glory and AMEN 🙏.

    I am still trusting God for my New smart phone 📱 which is worth $ 1,000 only ❤.
    I receive it today in the Name of our Lord 💞🙏🙌.

  4. Speaking smart —- that was natural talent of MOHAMMAD ALI. George FOREMAN described MOHAMMAD ALI well —- he was really more than boxing. Mohammad Ali was a good boxer — but that is not that Mohammad Ali was--he was beyond BOXING– HE had humor of a comedian —- even beyond that — deep inside he was very spiritual man. GOD BLESS MOHAMMAD ALI. He was beyond boxing. It was his spiritual personality which no other boxer has. GOD BLESS MOHAMMAD ALI.

  5. I, I, I, it is always about him. Self-centered and arrogant as always. Foolish! Those who encouraged him were complicit in his nonsense. I was there during this time and witnessed the foolishness of people who accepted and supported his bs.

  6. I can tell that way before Mr. Alis body died he realised a fact that could literally change the world. The fact that Allah, God, Buddha etc all of these are one in the same (Source) or (infinite Love) and we to are all beautifull beautifull peices of that greatness. In the words of the late and great Wayne Dyer you have two choices, you can be a host to God/Allah/Buddha/Source, or you can be a hostage to your own ego.