Nick Kyrgios’ Speech Will Leave You SPEECHLESS — One Of The Best Motivational Videos

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just been able to look back on you know where I was you know wanting to commit suicide to now winning an Australian Open like I’d rather have that thought process at like a breakfast rather than coming out of a nightclub at six a.m because I’m super proud of where I’ve come and who I am today I feel I got so many strong messages and things I can teach people because I look back in my career and my life and and everything I’ve gone through I look at it kind of like a big tower and I feel like if you take one little block out or one little brick out it’s just everything falls falls to Pieces so I don’t regret anything honestly I don’t I think if I’ve just focused on tennis and my body and not giving to people and I feel like I would have for sure had a better tennis career and I didn’t regret that one bit because I feel like my happiness comes from helping others I just feel like I’ve been through so much and I feel like I’m able to stay more composed I’m more just proud of the way that I’ve bounced back after everything honestly like I’ve been in some really tough situations mentally and in some really scary places I just know that you know everyone is just really dealing with something and I feel like I never judge anyone anymore because I’ve just done some terrible things I’ve done some dark things I’ve been through so much that I’m all my goal is now is just to guide people through God through people that did because it was brutal for me like it was just it was so hard I felt so alone and obviously it’s the point of self-harm and and thinking about committing suicide it was it was tough like people our age they really struggled to like open up about just how they feel on a day-to-day basis like I know I was a victim to that like I was Nick curios who was 23 year old 23 years old who was like dealing with mental problems things society’s kind of built that image that we’ve got to try and act like we’re okay all the time you feel like I’m not enough a time I think people didn’t really realize they only saw the new curios around Australian Open time or you know when I was on court having success or training they didn’t really see the dark moments that I had with my myself and the problems I was dealing with and I was going through some tough times and I feel as if so many people have actually appreciated me opening up to them yeah and especially males in general like I think around this time and almost they they feel weak if they’re feeling mental mental struggles or you know that it kind of makes me feel less of a man but I don’t think that’s the case at all some people deal with it better than others I feel like I just mentally struggled so hard for like the first seven years in my career like I had great results and shocking results and I just felt so much pressure there’s so much like anxiety pressure to do things or achieve things and if I don’t do well then I’m gonna do like it’s just so much so I feel unbelievable like I’m two beers deep and I looked at the people closest to me and how much I was letting them down and I didn’t want to do that anymore and then I don’t know I just tried to just look at my career and I was like I feel like I’ve got so much left to give to the sport um and I just that’s it I just trained hard I just put my head down I was like look let’s just get in shape let’s get in better shape first of all and then let’s see like how it goes it’s easy to train it’s easier to wake up obviously when things are going great but I just was really sick of just letting people down and I don’t know just feeling like that you know I feel like I’m making people proud now I feel like people there’s not as much negative things being said about me like I just wanted to turn the narrative around almost so that’s that’s basically it I just was feeling so so depressed all the time and so like feeling sorry for myself I just wanted to change that you know I’m not thinking about lifting a trophy or making semi-finals or making the final I’m just thinking about my habits every day just trying to you know put in a good performance on the court and then put in a good practice session let’s try and stay positive I was just really sad like I just had I wasn’t able to I feel like when you’re in that position you want to share it with the people that you love the most and I just wasn’t able to do that I was always didn’t have a good relationship my mum or my brother and I just was always I felt tense with them I was going into my own house and I didn’t really feel like I was part of family and that was the hardest thing for me I was like I only ever wanted to start playing tennis and and doing all this to actually share it with the people that I wanted to you know that got me there you know I’m not a person that you know I know hundreds of athletes who don’t give back to the community it says no in their contract that they have to do that and I take it upon myself to go out daily and try and help it I think just daily habits and and the people around me I’ve got an incredible support crew in closing moments when I look at them and there’s a million thoughts racing through my head like people won’t understand how many thoughts actually are running through your head in that moment of time especially for me because I just think about everything prior to leading up to this moment and I’m talking years of things that are racing through my mind um so when I look at them it just gives me that even if it’s one percent two percent of stability in that moment it helps so like they deal with a lot of [ __ ] that’s for sure for me but they they always support me which is it just goes so long such a long way I just feel like I’m playing for a lot more than myself you know I’ve just got a lot of people um a lot of support and on the flip side I got a lot of people doubting me and trying to bring me down all the time as well so I’m playing for just I’ve got a lot of motivation you know in the back of my mind I feel like that’s a common struggle is like in just society today people always just trying to be something they’re not like people will literally put more energy into like an Instagram post or you know a Snapchat then that literally like job every single day and I see it every day and I’m just like I want to say it but I don’t want to intrude and I I feel like people are just trying to impress everyone else and then they get home at the end of the day and look in the mirror and they’re just like it’s just a big front and just like I’m just so comfortable in my own skin it’s it’s a scary level of Freedom like that’s my message once you’re really comfortable in your own skin and and and you’re doing what you want to do and you’re successful and you’re turning heads and people are taking notice it’s a dangerous level of freedom because it’s so easy to be you know attached to technology and seeing everyone’s opinion on the match or highlights or anything like that but I feel like I’m able to really switch off from that and that’s a big part of my growth I think I feel like once you get in that cycle of just you know drinking and drugs just things just pile up man like that was the biggest thing for me like once I stopped doing that everything kind of just fell into place I was able to sing clearer and just really get my life back on track um I just take nothing for granted anymore like now I wouldn’t trade that for anything the ability to help and give people confidence is insane and and and to get out of spots where you don’t want to wake up you don’t want to you know go to work or you feel you know as a kid I was extremely overweight got bullied obviously being colored wasn’t easy you know I just feel like I’ve overcome so many challenges that I can just I can get through anything I’ve got some really thick skin now and I can just really help anyone that was my main goal like that was everything I was focusing on every day I’ve got the platform to help so many people and it has like I would I just felt guilty like not using it and not teaching the younger generation like there are times where I cross the line and I’m not going to say that you know I’m I’ve always been a good role model for kids watching like sometimes I do cross the line but that’s just my passion that’s just my emotion but to everyone right now it’s like all right you can go have a night out with your friends for sure like embrace it and enjoy that time but I would just stop all the all the other stuff immediately to be honest it’s just it’s going to put you in a hole you know can be able to think clearly and it’s just it doesn’t better you at all like I know it’s easy to say it like but it really doesn’t better you at all like I’m not gonna I’ve had this conversation with my girlfriend like if we have kids like I’m not letting my I’m not letting my my son or my daughter go out and and waste time and you know be be peer peer pressured into doing those things that just they lead nowhere they lead absolutely nowhere and I feel like if you want to you know strive for greatness or do something outside the box you can’t be doing that stuff for sure 100 you can tell yourself you’ve been here before you know the confidence and the belief in yourself that only comes with achievement um you know I’ve obviously met a lot of a lot of amazing people this year who have just given me extra motivation and you know to find people that finally have my back and that I just love being around and they just want to push me to be a better person and and to be a better tennis player they realize that I’m immensely talented and I have a lot of I feel like a lot more to do in this sport



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  1. This video popped up just at the right time for me. Every day I help other's through my social media platform ( for me I have been questioning whether or not to continue because I am not making any money Yet from my books, or videos or programs, but after listening to this it helped me look at things in completely different perspective. Thank you. 🙂

  2. There are ups and downs, God is intertwined with your sufferings, when someone suffered in the bible, it says God was with them. So follow God, and he will protect you! ​❤🙏​