Reverse Psychology : Make Girls Addicted to You.

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have you ever thought about why we’re all fascinated by the unknown why does the unpredictable catch our attention it is human nature to be drawn to the unknown and unpredictable this psychology can be applied in love and relationship I will tell you six dark psychologies to make anyone think about you non-stop but don’t use it on someone you love it is for educational purposes only rule number one don’t always be predictable predictability is the place where interest goes to die by Nature human are curious beings we’re drawn to Mysteries and to things we can’t quite figure out when you’re predictable you’re easy to figure out it’s like a movie you’ve seen a hundred times you know every line every scene no surprises that gets boring fast people lose interest in things they can predict especially in relationships it’s the excitement of the unknown that keeps things Alive by being unpredictable you’re essentially tapping into the basics of manipulation you’re playing with the principles of reward and uncertainty it’s like a slot machine the unpredictability of the reward keeps people pulling the lever in this case you’re the slot machine sometimes you give her attention affection and then unpredictably this this inconsistency triggers something deep in the brain it creates a kind of addiction she starts craving your attention because she can’t predict when she’ll get it this isn’t just about being a mystery it’s about creating an emotional roller coaster the highs are higher when she doesn’t see them coming the lows when you’re distant make her strive for your attention it’s a form of psychological control a way to keep her thinking about you wanting more because she can’t figure out your pattern rule number two make them emotionally dependent on you this is where you get into their head it’s not just about being there for her it’s about becoming the person she can’t live without you’re going to be the one who understands her better than anyone else and tapping into her deepest emotions and fears listen to her learn what makes her tick and then use that knowledge to become her emotional anchor but here’s the trick do it selectively be there for her sometimes and other times pull back this inconsistency creates a sense of urgency and need that make her crave your presence and support at the same time keep your own identity strong don’t get lost in the role of being her support system pursue your own dreams and goals this balance of being emotionally supportive while maintaining your Independence creates a magnetic irresistible pull you’re providing her with emotional support but on your terms making her increasingly reliant on the unique connection you offer rule number three disappear suddenly this one is about the element of surprise and the power of absence when you suddenly become less available or go off the radar are it creates a sense of mystery and urgency people want what they can’t have and by disappearing you become the thing she can’t have for a while when you are consistent and predictable you create a pattern but you must break it you go silent no calls no texts no explanations this triggers a psychological response called loss aversion it’s a principle that that suggests people are more motivated by the fear of losing something than by the prospect of gaining something of equal value in your absence she starts to feel a potential loss which ironically makes your value in her life Skyrocket but this tactic needs to be timed perfectly it’s not about ghosting or causing anxiety it’s about strategically creating a void then reappearing just when she starts to really feel your absence when you come back you’ll find that her interest and appreciation for you have grown this isn’t just a game it’s understanding human nature and the psychology of Desire people cherish what they have to miss once in a while and that’s exactly the role You’ll Play rule number four don’t show too much excitement when you meet with them this rule is all about controlling the emotional climate of your interactions in the game of psychological showing tooo much excitement can be a sign of weakness it’s like giving away your power showing that you’re too invested too interested instead you want to keep a level of composure and mystery about your feelings here’s the strategy when you meet up keep your emotions in check show interest of course but in a controlled measured way it’s about striking a balance you’re happy to see her but you’re not over the moon this approach plays into the psychological concept of playing hard to get it’s a classic for a reason when you’re not overly enthusiastic it creates a challenge for her she starts wondering why you’re not as excited as she expected which can actually make her more attracted to you it’s a form of reverse psychology the less you show the more she wants to see but remember this isn’t about being cold or distant it’s about creating an Allure an Intrigue around your feelings it keeps her guessing and makes every bit of affection or excitement from you feel like a hard-earned reward this careful balance keeps her on her toes and increases your psychological hold over her you’re not just another open book you’re a chapter she’s constantly trying to read rule number five avoid getting jealous of other men around them jealousy while a common emotion is often seen as a sign of weakness and insecurity when you show jealousy you’re telling her that you feel threatened that you’re not confident in your position that’s not the image you want to project instead you want to embody confidence and security two traits that are highly attractive the strategy here is to remain unfazed when other men are around if she’s talking to another guy keep cool show that you’re secure in yourself and in whatever you have with her this nonchalant attitude can actually work in your favor it plays into the psychological principle of reactants when people feel their freedom to choose as being restricted they want it more by not showing jealousy you’re not restricting her you’re giving her the freedom to choose paradoxically this often leads her to choose you as you’ve positioned yourself as the more confident unbothered option however this doesn’t mean you become passive or indifferent it’s about showing her that your value and self-worth don’t depend on her actions you’re in control of your emotions not the other way around by mastering this you increase your psychological appeal you’re not just another guy reacting predictably out of jealousy you’re the guy who stands out because you’re secure in yourself and unshaken by potential competition rule number six prioritize your goals and Ambitions above fleeting Pleasures this is about showing where your priorities lie and believe me it’s a powerful psychological play when you focus on your goals and Ambitions you’re sending a clear message you’re driven you have purpose and you’re not easily swayed by short-term gratifi ifications this attitude is incredibly attractive and positions you as someone of high value and substance here’s how you put this into action let her see that your goals come first it’s not about neglecting her or the relationship but about showing that you’re not dependent on her for your happiness or sense of fulfillment you’re your own person with your own path this creates a dynamic where she sees you as someone who’s striving for something greater someone who’s not just living for the moment but building a future it’s a trait that’s psychologically appealing we’re naturally drawn to individuals who show ambition and determination moreover this approach Taps into the concept of scarcity when you’re less available because you’re pursuing your Ambitions your time becomes more valuable she’ll start to see your time and attention as precious Commodities this isn’t about playing games it’s about genuinely being invested in your own growth and success by doing this you’re not just another option in her life you’re the prize you become someone she wants to be associated with someone she respects and admires if you found these strategies intriguing hit the like button share your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe for more insights into the human mind and relationships use this knowledge carefully and remember it’s not just about getting someone to think about you non-stop it’s about building something meaningful with them



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  1. I made a mistake. Saw her talking to other guys on internet live stream and lost control. She even said who are you to say that ( though we were in long term relation at one time but not when this incident happend). I also questioned her character saying you need boys everytime and there are just boys around you. She said they are my old frnds. She blocked me yesterday on social media. Should I stay quiet and move on or shall I go to that live stream for the last time just to apologoze and move on afte that..what would be better…?

  2. I am a physiologist all what he said in the video is true to make her crazy for you i have done it for 5 years now and those lessons makes her crazy for you so all those negative comments are from women cos they don't like it to be put on a pedal stol and being addicted to someone but the fact is you can never please a women if you do you will fail thats why all the girls loves bad boys yet the cry when they go into their arms

  3. haha a guy just did this to me and I erassed him immediately, here, take ur ghosting and lack of interest back, it’s a total turn off.
    if u want princess treatment as a guy I aint chassing no man :)) I am the prize, not the other way around. Peace! 😊

  4. This is all phenomenal advice. Just a word of warning, all those people in this comment section saying something to the effect " as a therapist this is horrible advice" are the most cruel and evil people you will ever find. They take people who are emotionally distressed and get them hooked on their worthless advice and pharmaceutical solutions.

    The reason they say this is horrible advice is because God forbid you listen to it, It will put them and their entire quack industry out of business

  5. I am now 80 years old and when I look over my life I realize that my faith in God and adherence to my deep rooted Christian principles, never wavering from my core beliefs, has ensured my well being all along the way.

  6. Just be your authentic self. If she doesn't appreciate that… peacefully move on…and after your heart is broken several times and you get friend zoned even more…come back and watch this video, and others like it again

  7. Love is not a game, dating may be but love isn’t. I don’t have time for mind games anymore. Thank you for showing me that I’m really just being emotionally abused and manipulated. I already knew but this solidified it

  8. After pandemic psychology has changed. Life is too short to think about such games. Out of sight out of mind. And it’s always important to show true expressions if they are good, when you meet people. This video encourages fakeness

  9. 💯 on point and it works and you will know the kind of woman you are dealing with. Having good income, your own place, car, God fearing, big D energy…dont be easy to get nor sleep around.. be selective to avoid golddiggers, hoodrats, ho's…Happy hunting lol….

  10. By the end of all this and you reach your goals would you even want her back? You become the person you've always dreamed of from the results of her leaving would you want her back? I wouldnt no lie

  11. Agreed, since I started doing this after I got messed up I realize all women keep watching me and smiling….I used to chase women and then I would lose everytime…as a nice guy they just use me for a time and then pursue the bad boy or pretty boy who treats them like crap…..So I stop and started to focus on me now they want my attention

  12. A guy did that to me, I didn’t know & I was drawn to him for a few months then I noticed he’s just toxic, then I cut him off completely…
    He lost me forever by paying this mind game 👈
    It works but won’t last for sure 😅

  13. None of what he said works on all WOMEN. Some Women don’t even have the time for these strategies and Games! As soon as she vibes the guy trying to PLAY mind Games she will go for another guy! These games will ONLY make you someone you’re NOT! Girls don’t Waste your TIME on men with dirty mind tricks go for the simple and innocent guy who will Open his heart for you and just having ONE face. Don’t need hypocrites in our life with double standards and double personalities.😂👋🏻