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Helen Keller once said the best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard but it must be felt with the heart this is love if someone truly loves you you will see heaven in this world at the same time fake love can destroy your whole life but most of us cannot identify between fake love and true love in this video I will give you seven signs if you find this and your partner then you are one of the luckiest people in the world and you can clearly say it is true love one she’s ready to sacrifice for you when a woman genuinely loves you her willingness to sacrifice for you is a clear sign of her love it’s not about any big life alternating sacrifice it’s often seen in the small everyday choices she makes to ensure your happiness and well being she will sacrifice her special work or event when you have a tough time and she will stay with you to motivate you these acts of putting your needs and desires ahead of her own really showcase her genuine love this kind of sacrifice is rooted in a deep understanding and caring for someone else’s happiness it shows that she values your happiness as much as or even more than her own happiness the this isn’t about losing herself in the relationship or forgetting her own needs it’s about finding a balance where she’s happy to make these sacrifices because of your happiness even she feels happier when you’re happy this selfless way of showing love strengthens the bond between you two so when you notice these small acts of sacrifice it’s important to recognize and appreciate them it’s a sign of genuine love and commitment it shows that she’s truly invested in the relationship so please take care of her too two she never ignores you rather she always prioritize you in her life when a woman really loves you she shows it by making you a top priority in her life this doesn’t mean she ignores her own needs or forgets about everyone else but it does mean that you’re always on her mind for example she might plan her weekend around something something you both enjoy doing together or she might make a decision about her future with your input in mind it’s about including you in her life decisions it does not matter whether it is big or small because she sees you as a key part of her life putting you first is about her showing you that your happiness well-being and opinions matter a lot to her if there’s only one piece of cake left she lets you have it if you’ve had a long day she’s is ready to do something relaxing together even if she has other plans it’s these thoughtful acts that show she’s genuinely invested in your happiness this way of prioritizing you brings a deeper sense of connection and partnership to the relationship it makes you feel valued and important and it shows that you’re in this together knowing that you’re a priority in her life not only makes you feel loved and cared for but also deepens your bond creating a strong foundation for a lasting relationship three she always understands your emotions and feelings When a Woman Loves You For Real she has this amazing ability to understand your feelings even when you don’t express your words or feelings she can sense it very deeply it’s like she can read your heart when you are less energetic quiet or something is bothering you she will pick up on these little things and ask you what’s wrong then she will give you a hug and listen to you very carefully with her heart this understanding goes beyond just knowing you’re in a bad mood it’s about her connecting with you on a deeper level she knows when you need space to think and when you need someone to cheer you up it’s not about guessing it’s about really knowing you which comes from paying attention caring and being emotionally in tune with you this connection is special because it makes you feel seen and heard it’s comforting to know you have someone who not only cares about what you say but also pays attention to what you don’t say it’s a kind of support that’s quiet but powerful you feel like you’re truly understood which makes everything feel a bit easier and happier in any circumstance it’s one of the best things about being in love and having someone who really cares about you and understands you for she never goes away when You Face tough situations in life loving someone means being there for them especially during hard times when a woman truly loves you she proves it by standing by your side no matter what the situation is when you’re facing a tough situation like a problem at work or a personal issue she’s the one who listens to you offers her support and doesn’t judge you rather she also tries to solve the problem she’s there to help you feel better she will always remind you that you’re not alone that will give you strength and power her support during these moments is about showing that she cares deeply for you it’s not just about the good times she’s ready to face the challenges with you this means a lot because it’s easy to be there when everything’s going well but stick around when things are difficult that’s true love this kind of support is what makes a relationship strong it’s knowing that you have someone who won’t leave you when life throws challenges your way she’s like your personal cheerleader believing in you even when things look Bleak having her by your side makes facing tough times a little easier because you know you have someone who truly cares about you and your well-being five she listens to you with her full heart and soul when a woman really loves you she listens to you in a way that makes you feel like you’re the only person in the world it’s not just about hearing the words you say it’s about understanding the feelings behind them for example you might be talking about how your day went and she’s there fully engaged nodding and responding at just the right times she REM remembers the little details you mention like how you said you’ve been craving your favorite food and then she surprises you with it later this kind of listening is about giving her full attention without distractions she’s not scrolling through her phone or arching TV out of the corner of her eye she’s focused on you it shows you that what you say matters so much to her it’s a way of making you feel valued and respected being listened to in this way is incredibly valid ating it makes you feel understood and important this attentive listening Fosters deeper communication and connection in the relationship making you feel closer to her it’s a clear sign of love and respect and it shows that she truly cares about your thoughts feelings and experiences six she never breaks your trust rather she is loyal to you in a truly loving relationship ship a woman’s loyalty is unmistakable it goes beyond just being there for you it’s about being a partner you can trust completely this means she keeps your confidence respects your privacy and is someone you can rely on no matter what but her loyalty also shines through in her commitment to being faithful she doesn’t betray your trust or entertain romantic interests in others her heart and intentions are with you she always keeps other men outside a boundary her intimacy is always with you not others this Fidelity is a critical aspect of her loyalty she understands the importance of trust in a relationship and she does everything to protect and nurture it you won’t find her seeking emotional or romantic connections elsewhere because she values what you have together too much to risk it she’s committed to you and the life you’re building together and she she shows it both in actions and words having such a loyal and faithful partner not only provides a deep sense of security but also enriches the trust between you you feel safe because she’s dedicated to you completely without distractions or doubts this kind of mutual respect and commitment strengthens your bond making your relationship a safe haven for both of you it’s a testament to the depth of her love showing she’s all in and committed to being your partner in every sense of the word seven She always brings positivity into your life a woman who genuinely loves you brings a brightness and positivity to your life that’s unmistakable it’s like she has this natural ability to make everything seem a bit lighter and more hopeful even on your darkest days this doesn’t mean she ignores the realities of life’s challenges instead she chooses to focus on the positive aspects and encourages you to do the same for instance when you’re facing a tough situation she’s there to remind you of your strengths and past victories and she helps you see beyond the immediate obstacles and positivity is contagious it’s not just about seeing the glass as half full it’s about filling the glass together with love and op optimism she celebrates your successes with genuine joy and is always there to lift you up when you’re feeling down her belief in a brighter future for both you and the relationship motivates you to face challenges with a positive outlook this quality of bringing positivity into your life does wonders for your well-being and the health of your relationship it creates an environment where growth happiness and love love can flourish you feel supported and encouraged knowing that no matter what life throws your way you have a partner who not only believes in you but also believes in the power of maintaining a positive spirit it’s a beautiful aspect of her love making every day with her a little bit brighter now before we end the video I really want to ask you how many have matched with you share your thoughts in the comments I will read your comments and feature them on our Channel and if you want more content like this encourage us to hit the Subscribe button



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  1. It's all I really like in relationships not only with girl but with my friends also but no one come in my life that understand my feeling even all of them told me that you are made up of rock you have no feeling sometime they say that I am not a human πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ interesting situation in my life

  2. What is the meaning, of the Sonnet 116?

    The Constancy of Love.
    The primary theme of Sonnet 116, by William Shakespeare, is the constancy of love.
    The speaker of the poem, says that true love, remains steady throughout a lifetime, no matter what changes; the lovers might undergo.

    Salutations, from Kensington and Chelsea; in London.
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