The Simple Way to STOP Caring About What Other People Think of You

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have you ever cared about others lives so much and later regretted it most people don’t have a backbone they just want to fit everyone’s expectations they cannot stand strongly and can’t say no to others in life we care about others too much neglecting ourselves if you always care too much about others and try to please them you are just destroying your life by your own hand you should stop it right now now in this video I will tell you six lessons on how to stop caring about others so much lesson one stop caring too much about what others think when you care too much about others opinions you’re playing a losing game it’s like a trap of your own making you end up living a life that’s shaped by others not by you that’s a recipe for regret not happiness from a psychological standpoint this obsession with others thoughts is deep rooted in our need for social acceptance but that need can turn toxic you start changing your true colors just to blend in and you lose yourself in the process it’s human nature to want to fit in but it’s also human nature to have a unique identity don’t let the crowd drown out who you really are stop letting others opinions control you make choices that make you happy not just to keep others happy be brave and be yourself your life should show who you are don’t be that person what others want you to be remember you’re the boss of your own happiness it’s not about what others think lesson two learn to say no to those who drain your energy constantly saying yes to others as especially those who drain your energy is the best way to destroy your life it leaves you tired frustrated and unhappy human nature pushes us to want to help and be liked which often leads us to say yes too much but when you do this you’re actually training people to take advantage of you they see you as an easy target because you never say no when you always say yes to them you’re putting their needs above your own what you need to do is set clear boundaries think of it as building a wall to guard your energy and time if someone asks you for something and it doesn’t feel right just say no you don’t need a long explanation your time and energy are precious and you have the right to protect them keep this in mind every time you say no to a draining request you’re saying yes to something important it’s can affect your own well-being your goals and your peace of mind it’s about taking back control and choosing where to invest your energy lesson three break free from external expectations living your life based on what others expect of you is like being a bird in a cage sure it’s safe but you can’t fly life is about your journey not someone else’s road map according to human Psy iology we’re wired to seek approval and fit in this comes from way back when fitting into a group was key to survival but in today’s world this can backfire and destroy you you end up living a life designed by others losing your uniqueness and worse your happiness so start by understanding that your life is yours to live reassess those expectations from family friends or Society they don’t have to Define your path start questioning these expectations ask yourself is this really what I want or am I just trying to please others remember it’s your story to write every time you make a choice based on your own desires you take back a piece of your freedom it’s like taking a step towards a life where you’re the captain not just a passenger Breaking Free from external expectations isn’t easy but it’s worth it you start to live authentically and that’s where true fulfillment lies Lesson Four take full responsibility for your life if you’re constantly blaming others or circumstances for where you are you’re not in control of your life imagine Life as a ship and you’re letting someone else steer it that’s not the way to sail through true life you need to be the captain of your ship we all have this human tendency to shift the blame to others psychologically it’s easier to point fingers than to face our own shortcomings but when you blame others you’re handing over your power to change things it’s like sitting in a car and complaining about the direction even though you have the keys you are not changing direction and are depending on others will so here’s what you need to do acknowledge that you’re in charge of your life yes life throws curveballs but how you react to them is entirely up to you if you make a mistake own up to it learn from it and move past it if you face a challenge stand up and take it head on when you take full responsibility you’re saying I’m the one driving my life it’s about recognizing that your Choice defines your journey circumstances don’t Define your journey your actions define it you’re the one making the decisions and steering your course through the ocean of life this mindset shift is powerful it means you’re ready to take charge make changes and move forward it’s about owning your life not renting it out to excuses and blame lesson five don’t compare yourself with others constantly comparing yourself to others is like trying to fit into someone else’s shoes it just doesn’t work you end up walking an uncomfortable path that wasn’t meant for you psychologically we have this tendency to measure our worth by looking at others it’s part of our social nature we see someone else’s success and suddenly feel like we’re not doing enough but here’s the catch this comparison game is endless and exhausting you’re setting yourself up for disappointment because there will always be someone who seems to be doing better so what should you do focus on your own path celebrate your progress no matter how small it seems everyone’s journey is different and that’s okay it’s not about being better than others it’s about being better than you were yesterday when you stopped comparing yourself to others you start appreciating your own achievements you start recognizing your own strengths and working on your weaknesses this is how you grow it’s about competing with yourself not with others remember life is not a competition with others it’s a personal Journey embrace your path and you’ll find true satisfaction and joy lesson six six don’t depend on others for your happiness relying on others for your happiness is like building your house on Sand it’s unstable and risky your happiness should be built on the Solid Ground of your own self worth and achievements we often fall into this trap because of our social nature psychologically we’re wired to seek connections and approval while connections are important over Reliance on them for happiness happiness is a slippery slope it leads to a situation where your mood and self-esteem are constantly in the hands of others so start by understanding that you are the source of your happiness sure others can add to it but they shouldn’t be the foundation find joy in your hobbies your goals and your personal growth celebrate your own successes and learn to enjoy your own company when you stop depending on other others for your happiness you gain a sense of freedom and stability you’re no longer at the mercy of others actions or moods instead you create your own happiness independent of external circumstances remember your happiness is your responsibility it’s something you cultivate from within it’s not something handed to you by others with this mindset you become more resilient and content now don’t just watch self-improvement videos it is time to take action and give a promise drop that promise in the comment section below say it loud and clear I will change my life right now no more delays I’m taking control of my life and I’m going to be the best version of myself I will feature the best inspiring comment in our Channel along with your name and if you want daily dose of unfiltered and uncensored words of wisdom hit the Subscribe button



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  1. I was so happy with this message, Iam that guy that constantly seeking others approval, I feel always a failure because friends seems to have no time or respect for me whenever I try to look out for myself, I have to be useful to them so they like me, and i regret that I allowed friends and family to manipulate and use me for this long,
    Thank you sir for this inspiring video, I am going to watch it again and again. So I will be true to myself .

  2. I am enough I chose life and I am accountable and responsible to do and be the best version of myself. No longer will I seek validation from fake family and frienimes. I am going to fall so deep in love with myself people will see confidence rather than arrogance. Lastly if I don't feel like it you'll get a firm HELL NO!

  3. Thanks for the Golden Gems! If you’re seeing this, I wish the best for All reading this! You’re the boss of your own happiness! This is your fucking year, and don’t let a simp tell you otherwise!