Tristan Tate’s Life Advice Will Change Your Future — One of the Best Motivational Videos Ever

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why would anything that makes you happy and doesn’t hurt anybody else be wrong no matter what you want to be in life and no matter what you want to do whether it be you know a dog trainer or a kickboxer or a zoo owner it takes certain amounts of passion time and dedication network connections power money That’s What Makes You free money buys health care and if you think you have health care you do not that’s what I would say is the most crazy thing about having money trying to make them notice you and and realize your usefulness don’t try to tell them that you’re useful then I’m in a position where I was very lucky to have a good father figure and an older brother in my life to guide me over some of the hurdles that young men face but a lot of hurdles that you know young men face they haven’t got anybody to look up to and they haven’t got anybody to turn to and I thought you know what let me just give this little bit of Life advice out to the younger men out there he said I broke up with my ex um she’s asking me to refer me back how do I know if it’s too late to take her back or or should I take her back or should I not take her back uh take her back the answer to whether you or not you should take an ex-girlfriend back is very simple and I know this and most fully grown men I probably know this um but for the younger guys out there let me explain to you exactly what it is if she has had another boyfriend or another sexual partner or another relationship since the breakup it is too late to take her back it is over at that point because no matter what happens in the relationship no matter if you get married have kids if you stay together for a very long time because it didn’t that all happened because it didn’t work out with the guy who she was with after your breakup so you are always going to be Plan B you’re always going to be the fallback guy you’re always going to be the idiot that’s always there so if she’s had a week or two and you know hung out with her girlfriends and cried into her pillow by all means take her back the moment there’s been another guy in the scene at all she’s only interested in taking you back and getting back with you because it didn’t work out with him so don’t let yourself be um played like that yeah don’t be second place to anybody so that’s when it’s too late I think that the real definition of right and wrong actions or whether they cause other people harm and I think that’s everybody’s definition I’m 34. you’re exactly the same age as me I am too working on myself trying to build myself up working on my finances although they’re pretty secure I’m always trying to do better and I I care about taking care of my mother too yeah I’m certainly not uh chasing tail around like I was when I was 21 because you know I’ve realized as I’m older and smarter that there are better things to do you are going to need a woman because you are going to need kids and having kids is a very important mission in any man’s life so yeah by all means work on yourself I don’t understand why that would be a negative thing that’s actually a very beautiful thing being truly honest living only for yourself and not taking the time and the the the financial commitment to take the time commitment it takes to procreate I think would be of ultimately very unhappy life shared blood is the best uh you know it’s the best way of securing loyalty so as a man who’s building an empire I don’t see how I could justify continue my life if I was not trying to procreate and have children but yeah having having a daughter and being a father is absolutely no 22 year old should be on any kind of steroid I can see cases for testosterone replacement therapy for people in their upwards of 40 maybe maybe uh late 30s I could see the case for that uh for upping your testosterone level trying to get your energy levels back to when you were much younger do you exercise regularly do you eat right how much alcohol do you drink do you smoke you know why don’t you look at what testosterone is look at your your current life and uh the the and your current habits and try to up your testosterone level naturally there’s no excuse to be injecting anything into your in arms at this age I think that’s really pathetic I believe that the time to get wealthy wealthy in an easy and a quick way has run out already I’m going to tell you why we’ve all heard of the Gold Rush haven’t we Gold Rush was a time when in certain rivers in California large nuggets of gold were found and people went nuts people all moved out to California and lots of people got very rich because it was gold in the hills and everyone was paying for gold searching the rivers for gold mining for gold a gold horse has just happened and the Gold Rush we’ve just seen is the easy money there was to make in crypto coins um Bitcoin has a use case ethereum has a use case chain link and a few other cryptos have a use case and they’re going to last well long into the future they might even be the future of currency people who own them now might be the richest people in the world in five or ten years but I’ll tell you what isn’t going to exist [Music] pump and dump crypto nonsense coins that kids can buy for a few thousand dollars and become millionaires overnight the time of easy money is over the Gold Rush is over there’s no more easy money in the way there used to be there’s no way you’re gonna draw a little pixelated picture of a monkey or banana or pig or a ninja and sell it for six hundred thousand dollars anymore The nft Craze is over that goes to show that the Easy Money days in crypto are completely over so getting wealthy is possible it’s always been possible and during the worst recessions in the world people have made money getting rich possible again but it’s going to take a lot more hard work than it’s ever taken before the days of the free money on the internet have ended absolutely you eat McDonald’s every day you know not to do that so you’re trying to get into the specifics without covering the basics you know what I mean it’s like when people care about Fitness okay what’s the exact correct technique to lift this and lift that people who don’t drink at all just go running and do some bushes everyone knows like the answers step one stop eating my goggles every day yeah like that that once you do that worry more about the exact specifics of what you’re eating right here three and a half thousand calories in a single meal once a day yeah that’s better than all the time that’s what I do in the afternoon not before so I always go to sleep a bit hungry you know I know I have breakfast in the morning at least yeah I don’t even realize I do it it’s always it’s how I live this is why I don’t read self-help books uh I believe that that is Success porn we’ve been reading these books about get rich and do well how many people do I know who’ve read these books and never got rich zero zero when they think about reading helps you reading is entertainment so if you read the James Bond novels for entertainment it’s better than watching the James Bond movies I believe that it’s a higher form of entertainment than Netflix and TV but it’s essentially just Netflix for the brain so um yeah reading is a waste of time if you want to get rich I agree but there is one TV show which I’m going to talk about now and we never talk about it on an emergency meeting live because my brother has not seen this yet but I was at somebody’s house about three years ago four years ago and I watched episode one of a show which has 11 series to it and it was so excellent that I’ve watched all of it now I believe this TV show to be a intellectual and cultural Masterpiece and it is the greatest show that has ever ever been broadcast on television and I’m talking of course about the show Trailer Park Boys um the importance of Brotherhood and friendship and sticking together is a massive underlying theme of the show um also the importance of enjoying your current circumstances keep working keep hustling keep grinding try and get out but enjoy yourself while you’re at it it’s a show about perseverance it’s a show about trying to always better your situation besides that TV’s a waste of time especially the news



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  1. I've had to disappear for 18 months and u know it didn't help nothing and ud be showed to know I may know already what in that year of disappear u speak of and been on something else why is that make me a target for the government to do things to me that would not want done to themselves why are things not the way it's told and people with a lot of money do to make sure my kind never have or never have as much I know I know nothing and want to be what ever I'm supposed to be good not a problem I think I'm doing what's right and somehow it's wrong so I do what I think is wrong and am wrong I'm a good worker loyalty and happy to serve

  2. she broke up with me two 3 days ago, and it hit me hard, weve been together for 2 month but have been friends before for around 5 months, idk if she wouldnt have another bf the next time and asks me to get back together, today i would say yes cause i love this girl more than anything but thats not my first breakup and i know if time heals my heart and she askes this to late and i m already healed, i wouldnt take her back

  3. My guy the gold rush isn’t over Stfu and tell the people about the 4 years cycle 🔁 the halving people always talking shiii in a bear market 😂 I like you Tristan but Stfu on that

  4. Trustan Tate and Andrew Tate are great world class heroes for me no matter what most of Americans think about them because the most people who hate those two brothers are Americans I wonder just because he talk about the metrix and how the system of the Governments work, but the whole world airports them and surely indeed we are all living in generation where by every common sense is not common sense for every one in today’s world so called fake men call them themselves what they are not shit feminist and shit gays that’s all descasting , Allah created you how ur and its so discasting how western nations wana change the whole world to something that only for them to do are u getting it , there is no hate at all but the world is loosing common sense , masha allah to Andrew Tate may almighty Allah protect his soul from all harm that life throws at him and may almighty Allah guide Tristan to islam I saw and read today he started reading and studying about Islam who knows he might convert to Islam I hope so insha Allah

  5. In Im this since last September after a horrible cheating BU.
    -Deleted all my SM.

    -Went back to the gym.
    -improved my food intake
    -cut out all toxic friends.
    -got a work contract within 3 months.
    -improved my relationship with patents, brothers and last friends.
    – got my mind straight.
    – realized what was going on since the start.
    -> never trust a woman’s words

  6. Unlesss you have access to multiple planes that can be flying to different destinations at the same time. Then have access to underground tunnels upon landing you cant disappear. Ive thought this out lol. With cell phones and satelites no one can disappear.

  7. I didn't see my father from 3 yrs old until I was 15, never had an older brother or mentor. Had to learn everything on my own…Now feeling like a failure

  8. actually his advice about women come back isnt completly true. My grandparents once met but then after some time they didnt have any contact and then they lived without each other but after some time my grandpa realized how great she was and searched for months for her (because there was no social media back then) she was almost married to another man but in the end they were married for almost 65 years and at they were sooo happy. Both once wished me and my sis that we finde also such a great person in our life