Use Misinterpretation To Make A Rude Person Feel Instant Regret

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very few people can control a conversation better than a comedian right they’re funny comedians have Arsenal’s of jokes that put rude people in their place and redirect the flow of conversation even when there isn’t a conflict when a joke lands and everybody laughs there’s that period of space where you can lead the conversation wherever you like so in this video we’re going to look at three specific types of jokes that Russell Brand uses to masterfully control a confrontation on MSNBC we’re also gonna see how you can use these same jokes to constantly steer conversations in your own life and fYI this is actually part two of a series since the first video I did on this topic ran long so the first type of joke is best used to diffuse tense situations before they get out of hand it also generally makes any situation funnier so it’s the most widely applicable and it’s unpainted wit this is a popular style for instance with Conan O’Brien I have the legs the legs of an NBA Center and I have the torso of a little girl and you know what she’s not even a healthy little girl she’s she was born in the 1840s her name’s Molly and she has rickets now I say unpainted because you’re not using this wit like Winston Churchill did to destroy someone in his case when Nancy Astor told him if I were your wife I would poison your coffee he replied and if I were your husband I drink it now that is very witty but pointed jokes like that escalate tension they don’t diffuse it so instead we’re gonna be replying with a type of wit that gets a chuckle not at someone’s expense so that they actually cool off and there are tons of ways to be witty but the easiest is with your word choice by being hyper specific watch how Russell chooses odd words that make it hard not to smirk I hope professional gentlemen of us are free from mental illness free from it waiting right now tweeting themselves menses yeah lovely has to create the atmosphere of we’re a hotbed of you know watching news yeah he also uses less common words for the same effect none of you this is a hotbed of neurosis psychosis all I would I’m grateful to be here yeah you are talking about Izzy I’m not here and as if I’m an extraterrestrial following Russell’s lead you can simply choose more uncommon words extraterrestrial instead of alien neurotic instead of crazy and the end result is that people smirk and it breaks the tension that might be mounting it’s also a generally good idea for being funnier in any situation the second type of joke is best used when you are forced to discuss a topic that you would rather not maybe someone is bringing up an insecurity or just being plain rude in those cases you want to redirect things without calling the other person out directly and that’s where purposeful misinterpretation comes in huge for instance when the host demands that Russell show him part of his stand-up routine Russell doesn’t want to he says no can we get like you know 30 seconds now but when the hosts persist Russell uses purposeful misinterpretation to take control of the conversation and move on misinterpretation can also be seen when you shift the focus of what is most obvious in any situation to something that is far less obvious you see it again in another clip that we touched on in part one but it’s worth calling out here so you can see it in action in this case members of the Westboro Baptist Church made a very offensive poster that was a gift for Russell and rather than focusing immediately on the posters obviously upsetting contents Russell shifted his focus to something minor taking back control of the frame and the conversation so remember in any situation even when someone is being insulting you have control over what aspect of their speech you respond to you can actually control the frame and if you choose not to focus on the obvious piece and instead purposely misinterpret their intent perhaps focusing on a minor detail or reading it as a compliment you upset expectations which then gets a laugh and allows you to retake control and in this case tyrion lanister had it nailed how would you like to die Tyrion son of Tywin in my own bed at the age of 80 with a belly full of wine and a girl’s mouth around mic so if you find yourself in a situation where someone is being sarcastic or trying to put you down by saying something like nice job or jeez you really killed that one you can make the group laugh and take back control of the conversation by simply taking the comment at face value so you might reply thanks I appreciate you noticing this shows that even if you have made a mistake you are still unfazed by it and in control of the situation now if things get a bit more dicey you have another option and this is sarcasm sarcasm in this context is when the literal words that you are saying don’t match the implied meaning and it’s a way of saying something nice on the surface with less than kind undertones so it’s not as harsh as a direct insult but it’s still likely to make an impact on the other person we just sort of admiring the whole you know it’s the whole thing so thank you feel casual objectification experience I’ve warned against sarcasm in the past because it’s generally easy to upset people even when you might not mean to and usually all the British people hate me in the comments for that advice because it’s like a second language over there so let’s just say that this advice for avoiding sarcasm with people you don’t know well generally holds true inside of the United States but it does have its place in dealing with rude people so if you use it you might want to just consider softening it with a smile like Russell does you’re conveying news to the people of America we’re gonna be okay everything’s either way this type of joke is usually much more effective for winning an audience over than it is for making the person you’re talking to actually like you so use it sparingly and ideally with a cheeky grin for instance if someone is being rude to you you could say wow so glad that we’re getting the opportunity to hang out that usually will make them stop in their tracks a hugely important part of being quick on your feet like that is the ability to stay calm under pressure and a fantastic tool for getting there is meditation and that is why I have a simple habit to sponsor this video and give you a free week of guided meditations on their app now simple habit has tons of different guided meditations and I have personally really enjoyed the ones around cultivating more joy and gratitude and I enjoyed them so much that I actually created one specifically for our viewers that is designed to tap into a deep sense of confidence and charisma before you have to head out to a situation where you’re likely to feel pressure so you know that you will be on and if you want to check out that meditation the one that I created and all of the others for free for seven days you can do so by tapping the link in the description and if you do that on your phone it’s gonna work better since this is an app if you decide that you like the meditations and you want to build a routine and a habit of listening to one which is a great way to begin your day you can continue with simple habit for just eleven ninety-nine a month and that includes all of their meditations either way the free trial gives you a chance to test it out see if it’s for you before you have to make a decision so it’s worth taking for spin thank you guys for watching I hope that you have enjoyed this video and I look forward to seeing you in the next one you



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  1. I really like these videos but these are all things that I learned growing up with a bunch of dudes, you spend so much time messing with each other that you actually learn how to talk to people and diffuse bad situations, and I could handle myself better than most of my friends so I usually had to either defuse the situation or become such an a**** that I was the focus of the bad attention

  2. Skippy was a great guest to rather drool undereducated programmed. Obsolescence media tools , Minka was hitting the sauce 90 proof which is 20 percent above her iq. Russell is just so far better educated than a blonde cleavage

  3. Hey, it’s 2023, and if you graduated from the Russell Brand School of Social Finishing you too may have your balls hoisted up in front of the world for mistakes of false confidence.

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  5. That Winston Churchill was brilliant. It kind of reminds me of President Reagan's debate with Walter Mondale when the moderator questioned him about his age being a problem. Answering something to the effect he wouldn't use Mondale's youth and inexperience against him. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†