Why High-Value Men Ignore Women | 7 Crucial Lessons You Need to Know | Brutal Relationship Advice

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have you ever felt the pain of being an option in someone’s life while the same person desperately seeks out another person you may think it is always about looks and money then you are a fool just look around a lot of handsome people are heartbroken and the rich are getting used by others for wealth it is not about looks or money it is because they know how to ignore them correctly in this video I will tell you seven lessons about white you should ignore them lesson seven don’t give away your attention freely attention is like currency in our social world when you give it to someone it’s a sign you value them but the problem is when you give it freely to someone it loses its worth if something is always available without any cost nobody will invest anything to get it so giving too much attention especially when it’s not valued or reciprocated makes you you nothing but a loser it can leave you feeling drained and undervalued it is totally the same speaking to the deaf so what should you do simple start valuing your own attention more before you give it away ask yourself does this person deserve my time are they giving back the same energy if the answer is no ignore them invest your attention where it’s appreciated and valued remember your attention is a gift not an obligation keep it precious lesson six don’t beg for their love love is a beautiful asset in our life that uplifts us and help us to get stronger but if you constantly Chase someone and beg for their love or attention that’s not love that’s a power imbalance and it’s not healthy remember love should never be a one-way Street think about it when you’re begging for love you’re putting all your power into someone else’s hands you’re saying you control my happiness but that’s not how it should work your self-worth and happiness should never depend on someone else’s approval start by loving yourself first know that you are complete on your own you don’t need someone else to validate your way Earth if someone can’t see your value and love you naturally they’re not the right person for you so don’t chase love build a life that you love and let that attract the right people into your life remember the love that’s freely given without begging is the only love worth having lesson five don’t show too much emotion emotion is the color of our our experiences and relationships yes emotions are powerful but showing them all the time to someone who doesn’t understand you is a bad idea because people can use your emotions against you it’s like giving them a weapon when you’re always emotional people know how to push your buttons they can manipulate and use you using your emotions so what should you do control your emotions don’t don’t let everyone see what you feel it’s not about hiding who you are it’s about being smart you need to keep some things to yourself when you control your emotions you also control the game nobody can use your feelings against you if they don’t know what you’re feeling so keep your emotions in check don’t let them be your weakness be strong be smart and don’t let others play with your feelings don’t be too much emotional with anyone Lesson Four be ready to walk away if they treat you as a second option when someone treats you as a backup plan it’s a huge red flag it means they’re keeping you around just in case their other options don’t work out this behavior isn’t just a small issue it’s a major sign of disrespect and a clear indication that they don’t value you as they should but when you accept being a second option it destroys your self esteem you’re teaching them that it’s okay to put you last so stand up for yourself if someone can’t see your value and treats you as a backup plan walk away you deserve to be someone’s First Choice don’t settle for less it’s better to be alone than to be with someone who doesn’t fully appreciate you remember your value doesn’t decrease just because some fails to see it demand respect and don’t accept anything less lesson three let them also invest in you relationships are a two-way street it’s not just about what you can do for them it’s about what they are willing to do for you too if you’re the only one who is making efforts putting in time energy and emotions and they’re just taking without giving back anything it is not a good relationship it simply means that someone is using you for their own Advantage think about it this way when you’re constantly investing in someone who doesn’t give you anything in return it is a matter of time you are going to be disappointed it’s like watering a dead plant that never grows you end up wasting your resources on something that isn’t thriving so what’s the smart move look for balance make sure the person you’re with is also putting an effort to invest in you and the relationship it could be through their time attention care or love if they’re not investing it’s time to reconsider where you stand you deserve someone who values you and who is willing to show it to you remember a healthy relationship is about Mutual investment don’t settle for less lesson two don’t tolerate disloyalty loyalty is the backbone of any relationship it may be friendship love or professional if someone is disloyal to you they’re basically showing you they don’t value your trust and trust is the foundation of any solid relationship once trust is broken it cannot be built again like a broken glass think about it disloyalty is a clear sign that they’re willing to put their interests above yours even if it means hurting you but remember it’s not just a small error or a simple misstep it’s a deliberate choice to go against the trust you’ve placed in them so there is zero tolerance for disloyalty it’s important to stand up for yourself and set clear boundaries if they betray you once they are surely going to do it again you deserve to be in the company of loyal people who value and respect you the bottom line is cut ties with disloyalty it’s about respecting yourself enough to only accept genuine loyal relationships in your [Music] life lesson one don’t accept any kind of insult or disrespect it is crucial to understand that respect is the minimum in any relationship if someone insults you or disrespects you they’re showing that they don’t value you and you should never tolerate that when you let someone insult or disrespect you without consequences you’re telling them it’s okay to treat you that way but it’s not okay every time you accept this Behavior you’re lowering your standards and telling yourself that you don’t deserve better so what should you do stand up for yourself the moment someone insults you or shows disrespect call them out on it set clear boundaries if they continue with that behavior it’s a clear sign to walk away you deserve to be treated with kindness and respect remember accepting disrespect is never an option value yourself enough to demand respect in all your interactions now it is time to level up write your 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  1. About Lesson 1: I read a quote from Mike Tyson- A man who is friend to everyone is an enemy to himself. We all need a swift kick in the pants to remind us that we can't appease everyone and trying to do so is fool's errand.

  2. Never make women the top priority in life. Make your health, career, passion, hobbies, friends, relatives etc the top priority. Learn to live with or without women. Focus on yourself, work hard, make lot of money, have lot of fun.

    Stop Simping and Completely stop trying to please women because women always focus on what is missing in life…….

  3. True ! I was in a relationship whit a narcisistic woman and all what you explain in this video , all this really happend to me ! I learned my lesson now , a very good lesson , i becomed stronger , confident , i can simply say , i just level up this time ! I will never ever accept something like that again ! It's a completly hell , your mind is in a constant racing , battle ! You feel like you are dying slowly ! You feel like there is no escape from that heel , it's a eternal torture ! You are 100% right ! BECOME AN ALPHA MALE , and show them who's the boss ! I LIKE AND APRECIATE YOUR VIDEO ! MUCH LOVE 😘😊

  4. My value and worth is determined by how I feel, think and see myself. I teach others how to treat me by allowing or not allowing my boundaries to be bent or broken. Respect is the bare minimum, one does not have to like someone to respect them.